F-15 Discussion

F-15 can’t seem to reach its top speed at high altitudes.

Radar is broken but it’s a placeholder.


I just hate the trend in which aircraft’s country of origin gets the earliest variant possible and at the same time other countries get their later, more powerful variants. It was like that with F-16, now with F-15 and Gripen. It’s really a sad treatment to such iconic aircrafts.


Why does F-15A is this bad at everything ? Even F4 are turning better it’s just non-sense.


Su-27 gets stock R-73 with HMD, but F-15A gets stock AIM-9L and has to go through another AIM-9L modification till finally reaching AIM-9M…


The F-15 should NOT be ripping at any G see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-adcRA3u8Q


7m’s with the same gimped american radar what I expected from gaijins f15


Radar is a plaeholder like always on dev in every New vechicle

F-15j is a flying brick, flight performance feels like phantom while su-27 is a flying deadzone.
Top speed feels wrong, controls feels janky, max altitude is wrong, thrust seems wrong, bomb max load seems wrong


From my testing with the F-15A and comparing to the J-11, they feel what I was expecting from watching DCS videos.

People who say the phantom is more maneuverable are out of their minds

The F-15 has better energy retention and sustained turn rate (about 22º/sunless you get slow, so if you keep your speed you turn better than the flanker, while the flanker can pull crazy AoA if you want at the cost of energy.

For example, in mouse aim, if you max turn at about 900-800kph the F-15 will get around for 30º/s for longer till you drop to 600kph, when compared to the flanker that will do a slightly higher max turn rate but only for a small time and get slower.

In simpler words, do a full 180º turn in each plane and the F-15 will do it faster and retain considerably more speed.

Right now the F-15 essentially feels like a bit worse f-16c with the wing rip issue


I actually find the F-15 to be good at dogfighting. You can manage energy very well and it has great responsiveness even at very low speeds. It does compress a lot in a roll, but at normal speeds you can be a serious trouble to most players. Nobody expects an F-15 to fly like that. I’m not sure if the F-15A is any different from FM perspective, but my experience is with the F-15J

Surprised no is talking about the new changes to the F-15s such as wing rip addressed and some radar changes

I noticed nothing at all in my F-15J. Radar is just as shit as it was before. I didn’t have any wing issues from the beginning. Maybe F-15J does have a different FM

Do you know why Gaijin does it like that? The big ones for me were the F-86k with missiles and now the F-15c is going to Japan but not the US, but other planes like the F-84 and such fit that bill too. It’s really sad.

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We need to start pushing for a proper stopgap between the AIM7M and the R27ER. Gaijin refusing to give us the AIM120 means that we have to at least figure out what missile we want in-between, since it’s a fat chance we’re getting the F15C this update anyway


aim 7p should come anyway

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Now that I think about it, they never do the same for Soviet/russian stuff. For example, Mig29 9.13 and 9.12, germany had to wait


What? The US has the most powerful F-16s.

now it does. when apex predators came it definitely didnt though

Only when f-16C was introduced, the MLU is better than the ADF, and the Japanese block10 or the Netz is better than the F-16A

See what an experienced and skilled air RB player has to say about it.