F-14A RWR bugged?

It only shows the ‘?’ symbol on the RWR and there’s no launch warning, is it supposed to be like this or is it bugged?

Against what are you testing? Ground radar? It used to be able to detect them in the dev server of the previous update, but it got changed to lose pretty much this entire functionality. It can not recognize ground radar anymore. The only “ground” radar it can detect properly is the Yatagan on the Bravy, a navy vessel.

AFAIK apparently, the lack of a launch warning is however historically correct.

The “?” Is because of the RWR/Radar being Analog, and not numerical,… if you’re beeped enough, then maybe Merlin would be able to identify which aircraft it is.

But anyway,… you can deduce it in ARB by checking if there is any friendly in the area,… and even more if someone locked you.