F-14A/B at 11.7/12.0 is too OP

just block them and move on, theres ppl in this forum that are literally not worth interacting with, and the block function is the best way to deal with their behaviour

Honestly skill issue

i wouldn’t sau f20 is superior to f14a right now, f14a has an incredible radar and even without the pheonix missiles it has aim7e2 and aim7f

Then stop flipping your argument.
It’s easy to be as consistent as myself and others.

just dont talk to him again, Razer is just someone who likes to speak sarcastically to everyone

No because the Mig29 SMT uses fly by wire so certain modifications are made to allow that, it can be seen as the blunt front edge of the sideband wing of all early Mig29s since they are not FBW so they are very cautious on the use of vortex lift, this is in contrast to latter ones with sharp edge and Su27s which use FBW right from the start
(IRL original Mig29 airframe is shit)
Also just imagine Mig21 Bizon if it got ARH… 9.3 airframe in 12.3

Haven’t flipped anything just scroll up and you will see that.

This whole thing started because I said the BR should be decompressed and move up the F-14s…which seems to be happening.

I’m still not sure why you were so against it.

Cause they’re 1- Balanced. and 2- Not increasing in relative BR with the decompression, which proved my point.

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They are now going up in BR, be happy.

We can close this post now I guess.
They got uptiered but are staying at the same relative BR compared to top tier (13.7) so everyone is happy. Right?

12.7 isnt the same relative BR placement as before. Top tier is currently 13.0, 13.7 is 2 BR steps up, 12.7 is 3 BR steps up from 11.7. Its been uptiered

Everything has been “uptiered” the same way with a few exceptions.
At the end of the day the new top tier fox-3 aircrafts are now 13.7, so still at a 1.0 uptier, same as before, which prevents the F-14B from seeing more than 4 of them. That’s all that matters for me.

The Tomcats are not worse off. Wouldn’t be surprised if they push again amraam users to 14.0 anyway. These changes are probably not final.

This is the largest decompression in one go they’ve done so far.
They’re getting more confident, and we’re now at 1.3 BRs of decompression total since they started in 2022.
I’m talking “actual decompression” of course.
New BRs from aircraft are obvious.

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens from next update onward.

Have they ever done any 0.7 decompression before?

These changes seem to decompress the 9.0-10.3 range more than anything else imo.

They did 2 instances of 0.3 each from 2022 through 2023.
This is the first of 0.7 in one go.
This decompresses 9.3, and it decompresses a surprising amount above 10.3 despite only being 0.3 change above 10.3.

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You were opposed to the F-14s going up…they went up.

If they were fine they would have stood at a lower BR.

he ALWAYS steals others’ opinions or conclusions, thinking that his own incorrect viewpoint is false evidence

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Prove that the WT community is wrong then.
If you think everyone “steals” others’ opinions, prove it.

You won’t, cause you know deep down the majority of vocal players are passionate about the game and sincerely want improvement.

F-14B’s current BR is 0.7 below maximum. 12.7 - 12.
F-14B is going to… 1.0 below maximum. It’s being reduced in BR. 13.7 - 12.7.
In-fact, F-14A is going from 1.0 below maximum to 1.3 below maximum. Reduced in relative BR. 13.7 - 12.3.

translate: Why are people on the road go in the wrong direction???🤣

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So many people say this here huh? The F-14 IS UNDETIERED currently but in its current state cant go up and compete against the current TT jets.