F-14 Tomcat: History, Performance & Discussion

What are you talking about

I expect and want dev add 3 new camouflage for F-14B new major update in next quarter


VF-32 ‘Swordsmen’

VF-102 OSW

VF-103 “Jolly Rogers”

You can’t use radar missiles on F-14B since today.

Just spotted this earlier. States the wide angle scan of the AWG-9 is 170°, not the 130° seen ingame. If true, this could be a big buff to the F-14, allowing it to guide missiles on target while almost completely in the notch while cranking, and would put it on par with the YaK-141 in that capability!

Its from “Grumman F-14 Tomcat leading fleet fighter” book by Dennis R. Jenkins.

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Unfortunately the outsider’s view of the AWG-9 weapon system states clearly the antenna could only scan +/- 65 degrees in both azimuth and elevation. Underneath this paragraph it also has the exact same picture provided by Hughes.

I’m afraid your source is just wrong which is unfortunate.

Actually, I was reading further and it seems the outsider’s view clearly states that an infrared track of a target via the IRST would be able to slave the CW antenna and guide the AIM-7E/F to a target.

This is in a redacted copy of the outsider’s view of the AWG-9 weapon system so it’s been cleared / safe for distribution if anyone was wondering.

thats unfortunate, really wanted that 170°…

As for IR track or TCS guidance, we dont even have a properly functionning TCS at all yet, so im not holding muh breath

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This is also a thing for the F-4E and F-4B / ?Early F-4C? with their respective AN/ASX-1 and AN/AAA-4 auxiliary sensors (I don’t know if the AN/AVQ-10 or -23 had an A2A tracking modes but could have been possible that the F-4D could have that capability), as it is practically just the backup BST mode capabilities being slaved to a separate sensor instead of manually slewed to a target, and as such Sparrows are sort of missing capability.

But I would mostly expect something like that to appear after an ECM revision as a counter-counter system should that eventuate.

I think they could add it right now and make the Phantoms, F-14, etc a little more useful. The Phantoms would have less of a need to get into the dogfights and the F-14 would benefit greatly since it is lacking a dedicated MPRF mode.

They could even roll it out to the F-14A Early as well with the AN/ALR-23 IRSTS as well, but I don’t particularly see that happening until they fix the numerous issues with the 3d model and actually figure out what they want the Early to represent (introductory config, 'Nam era, '77, etc.).

The fact that it would have a very limited gimbal would reduce the effectiveness though so it wouldn’t be to useful while maneuvering since it would also have to interact with seeker spooling up and selecting IRST as the active sensor to swap across to the prospective capabilities without dropping the lock.

They stated clearly that it is modeled after the 1977 SAC, the physical model should be adapted to the one shown in that SAC sheet.

The Nose blister containing the AN/ALR-23 is marked as removable (optional) on the SAC, though I don’t know if the system itself was still fitted at that point or not, since it was difficult to maintain and had poor reliability, so like the Pave Penny (TISL) on the A-10, it may have been removed before the faring was.

Does anyone happen to know the fuel consumption of the F110-GE-129? I havent checked side by side yet (I intend to do so tonight) but I feel like the F-14B drinks fuel way faster than id expect it to? iirc the TF30’s fuel consumption is correct, but I was under the impression the F110’s had better fuel consumption, yet it feels like the F-14B has the same endurance issues the F-14A has.

I’m also always perplexed by how much endurance the MiG-29 has in-game considering how atrocious its endurance was irl. I have no evidence but I feel like the fuel consumptions on top tier jets might be off, but cant seem to find any info on the F110’s for later testing and comparison.

The MiG-29’s seems accurate with only 4-6 minutes on full afterburner depending on altitude and speed.
The F-14B has more endurance than the F-14A with min fuel selected (15 minutes vs 18 minutes) at dogfighting speeds. In fact, the F-14B has almost 5 minutes remaining when the F-14A has burned through all 18 minutes generally.

Guess its just placebo then

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AN/AXX-1 TCS specification’s link https://mil-spec.tpub.com/MIL-C/MIL-C-85437B/index.htm


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