F-14 Tomcat: History, Performance & Discussion

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@Gunjob @k_stepanovich any idea whats the current situation regarding the AN/AXX-1 TCS on the F-14B? This bug report was passed to the devs during the dev server when the F-14B first came out but it remains completely unfixed and even performs functions it is incapable of doing.

Its outright bizarre how its modeled, it basically does none of the major things that it should (long range identification is impossible due to render range, it can’t slave the radar, it cant allow AIM-54’s to be fired in active mode, it can’t slave AIM-9 seekers, it cant search and lock targets like an optical version of IRST/radar ACM) and does things that it shouldn’t be able to do (allow for gun lead indicator, laser designates). The sensors modeling is an absolute disaster, and with increasingly potent jets and weapons incoming, is rather unfair as well…

We also have access to more detailed documentation now than what was submitted i the initial report, down to even specifying the exact search pattern the TCS uses.

There’s no good reason for it not to be modelled properly, every function it performs exists in some way, shape, or form on other vehicles and sensors seen in-game, and its tremendously disappointing to see the F-14B not only effectively lacks a sensor for its fire control system, but also that such an interesting and unique system (in its method of functioning and unique capabilities regarding radar missiles) has not been modelled even close to properly


Doesnt look like either the devs or the mods wanna touch that question… maybe ill make another more detailed bug report

Finally coming back to War Thunder after an extended hiatus. Eager to try the F-14B, looks very promising.

Its TCS is pure fantasy at the moment. Does nothing that it should, does what it shouldnt. Its 54C’s are still nerfed into the dirt, and its ACM is still 9km trash (though I have a suggestion post pending approval but that will probs never be approved to fix that). That aside, its a nice plane to fly, a lot more fun than the F-16 and MiG-29 imo. Not better, but def more fun.

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Is it still better than the F-14A Early? Thats what I have currently. And did you play the dev server with the fixed F-16A flight model, can you comment on how the F-14B compares to it?

Its much better than the 14A, its acceleration is stellar which really lets it get into good positions for slinging AIM-54’s, and its rarely going slow unless you just do hardcore HUD BFM all the time. Its also got a pretty pleasant stock-ish grind since the BOL rails let you run a ton of CM’s and 4x9L’s for only 1 early mod.

As for how it compares to the F-16 in the dev, idk, i didnt play the dev, and I dont like playing F-16’s for anything but ground strike or sim(nice cockpit) anyways. Afaik the change to the FM will just make the F-16 have less issues in the 1 circle vs the F-14, but itll still likely lose.

Thats awesome, can’t wait to finish my F-14B grind then.
I played the new F-16A in the dev server and it was much better than before. Doesn’t lock up as much anymore. But having a Tomcat missile bus with similar performance will probably be my preferred way still… that is until the F-16C gets AMRAAMs. 😈

I’ve noticed the AIM-9M has a smokeless motor on the dev server. Has anyone checked to see if they finally gave the AIM-54C its smokeless motor?

Also, @spacenavy90 you may wanna add the aircraft tag to this post if possible. I notice it gets filtered out if you hit the aircraft tag.

AIM-54C does not yet have the smokeless motor. There are internal reports on the AIM-54 missiles that are active regarding the motor, and other issues.

Still getting adjusted to this new forum. Also can’t edit posts soon but I’ll try to when I’m able.

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Report using this data already exists

Not sure if you can answer this, buy any reason why its not fixed at this point then? All functions the TCS should perform except maybe the radar slaving already exist ingame, yet none are modelled? The F-14B is literally playing with half its weapons control system currently…

Thank you mod for moving to the proper forum section!

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Anyone more well versed in radar technology care to explain when a radar would be using its highest frequency? The source below indicates the F-14’s AWG-9 operates between the 8-12GHz radar frequency (X band in IEEE standard, straddles high I-band and low J-band in NATO standard).

I would suspect ingame this would be when using PDV but im currently unsure.

@k_stepanovich any idea regarding this?

I don’t think the AIM-54 would use the entire 8 - 12 GHz band. Presumably they read that it used an X band seeker and just converted that to GHz for their document.

In all likelihood it uses a small number of frequencies between 8 GHz and 12 GHz, but the exact frequency would be highly classified so they just list the entire X band in their document.

Yeah I don’t expect it uses the entire frequency band. I am curious about the time when the AWG-9 would use its peak frequency though, I would assume it would be during a track, but unclear if it would be under a pulse track or a PD track.

Its relatively important to know imo with the upcoming RWR rework as some of the NATO radars have the ability to operate in X band and above. This would give an advantage to NATO jets vs soviet jets using something like SPO-15 as it only covers up to mid X-band (I-band in NATO designation and in-game). Getting NATO radars capable of higher frequencies would help offset the dominance of the russian R-27ER, as the R-27ER would still have the kinematic advantage, but the NATO aircrafts would be able to lock them without any RWR indications at all.

Another example of this is the upcoming APG-68 on the F-16C, which operates between 9.86GHz (very limit of I-band) and up to 26GHz (up into K-band), so there should be almost no scenario where the SPO-15 should even detect it. (granted this is wiki so take with a grain of salt)

As for the AIM-54, I have been unable to find an exact frequency, or even a proper mention of its radar band, though from my understanding, its suspected to be in the high X-band (would be J-band in-game)