F-111A Aardvark: The Ultimate Bomber!

An incredible jet strike-aircraft with the largest payload weight in the game arrives in War Thunder as part of the “Kings of Battle” major update!

F-111A Aardvark: A Strike Aircraft for the US at Rank VII


  • Enormous payload!
  • High speed!
  • Radar.
  • Guided missiles.
  • Flares.
  • Variable-sweep wing.

Vehicle History

The prototype of a new American bomber was born from the conditions of a complex and constantly changing technical specification. The first flight of the F-111A prototype took place at the end of 1964 with serial production being established only 3 years later. While the initial priority for avionics development was the use of nuclear weapons, the Vietnam War dramatically changed the Aardvark’s purpose towards a low-altitude bombing aircraft that could fly deep into enemy territory beyond the reach of anti-aircraft weaponry. The F-111 was in service with the U.S. Air Force until 1996 and was widely used in various military operations.

Meet the F-111A Aardvark!

The F-111A Aardvark is an American bomber that will become the new king of bombing in War Thunder when the “Kings of Battle” major update is released. This fantastic aircraft features an excellent top speed, large caliber countermeasures, a radar and RWR, missiles, a ballistic computer and most importantly a HUGE payload of bombs and rockets. Let’s dive into the details!

Interesting: The F-111A earned the unofficial nickname of “Aardvark” due to the shape of its nose, which is shaped similarly to the aardvark animal’s nose.

To start off, the F-111A was not an attack aircraft from the outset. Originally, it was intended to serve as a nuclear-armed supersonic strategic bomber, but combat in Vietnam forced U.S. Army officials to reconsider the Aardvark’s role on the battlefield. Therefore, the Aardvark was equipped with avionics for the use of guided weapons, which complement the already vast electronic equipment that this aircraft has. In addition to traditional unguided weapons, the Aardvark can also use AGM-12B Bullpup air-to-ground missiles and AIM-9B air-to-air missiles!

Download Wallpaper:

However, the role of a high precision bomber is still not the main speciality of the F-111A — this aircraft will provide you with the most heavy-duty bomb carrier in the game. The Aardvark can carry 26 x 750 lb and 50 x 500 lb bombs, as well as Snakeye bombs into battle! The amazing thing is that if you equip all weapon hardpoints with Mighty Mouse rockets, the total number of rockets that can be carried is 456. This is record breaking in War Thunder!

Did you know? Some of the F-111A’s bomb pylons have a rotating mechanism to compensate for the variable sweep-wings at different speeds.

Surprisingly, with such a huge payload weight and with the weight of the aircraft itself, the Aardvark still has good flight characteristics. This is thanks to a pair of powerful turbofan engines with afterburning capability, plus its variable swept swing design allowing it to fly at supersonic speeds near to the ground. At altitude with a minimal load, the Aardvark can reach and exceed speeds of 2400 km/h (about 1490 mph)! It’s worth noting however that in its bomb carrier configuration and when all hardpoints are fully loaded up, the Aardvark’s swept swings cannot change by more than 28 degrees — as a result, you shouldn’t expect to be breaking speed records in this configuration.

Fun Fact: During the Vietnam War, F-111’s flew more than 4,000 combat missions, but only 6 aircraft were lost.

Such a large payload and good flight performance is complemented by advanced electronic protective systems. This includes a radar for detecting aerial targets, a RWR and countermeasure pods for large-caliber flares and chaff. In addition to this, the Aardvark does not have built-in forward firing guns — instead you’ll be able to equip a 20 mm Vulcan cannon in a special compartment in the bomb bay.

In your matches: Pro-tips when using the F-111A by Alexander, Aircraft Game Designer: “A good aircraft suitable for almost any task. A full load of bombs limits its speed and wing sweep, so you’ll have to think what is more important, speed or the number of bombs/missiles. I wouldn't engage in a dogfight with it; it's better to cautiously stay on the sidelines and carry out a ground attack instead. However, if it does come down to a one on one, then you have a cannon and some air-to-air missiles to use — you can surprise the enemy by controlling the swept wings and dropping ordnance beforehand, as weight won’t be your ally in this scenario!

Sounds exciting? The F-111A Aardvark will come to the game at Rank VII in the USA aviation research tree as part of the “Kings of Battle” major update! That’s all for now, continue to follow the news on our website for more dev blogs, and until then, enjoy your matches and see you soon!

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average wt player: VARK! VARK! VARK!

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Update now?

Why do you call it a bomber multiple times but make it a Strike Aircraft in game?
Which excludes it from all Battle Pass tasks that require a bomber in some form, too. 😕



I think those “classes” should be softened somehow anyway, since a long time. Especially with multi-role vehicles.

Take the ADATS, being fully capable of being used in AA and AT role, but could very well also be considered LT’s. In WT they’re strictly TD’s however…

Solution would be the possibility to add different “tags” to vehicles.


Do we have a specified release date for the update yet?

Yeah, kind of how we get Torp. Bombers/Dive Bombers, have like a Strike Aircraft/Supersonic Bomber tag for it.

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There was multiple tag before:
“Fighter/Naval aircraft” was one exemple of what was made before.

They never give it before it is down… but since Dev Serv happened already, next week for the 31 or the 2nd?

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Another F for ground forces

Is that specifically for this vehicle or are you making a generalization of the other tags?

It was possible to be seen on F-4U for exemple, that was possible before 2020,… i don’t remember when they changed it however.

I haven’t payed much attention to it, but I never noticed they changed it, the T-18B still has the Torp. Bomber/Dive bomber multi tag.

Ugh, “The Ultimate Bomber”? Really?

What about strategic bombers? Are we ever going to get something like the V-Bombers or later supersonic strategic bombers like the Mirage IV, BAC TSR-2 or Tu-22?


Nah, why pay attention to British vehicles lol.

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This might be a bit too new, but B-1 Lancer?

The only strategic bomber that I would call too new would be the B-2 Spirit
Real problem would be the unmatched bombload, only thing matching it would be the Tu-160

Will we get F-111K there is a perfect hole in the rank 7 of the uk bomber line between the 9.3 Buccaneer S.2 and the 11.3 Tornado GR.1 and assuming its similar enough to the F-111A which it is based on it would be in the middle of their ranks and BRs and would also give something to the UK that can acutally really dogfight, harrier GR.7 kinda fits the bill but it just bleeds its speed too quickly

also with the F-111 coming will bases have their health drastically increased or even made invincible and just bomb points? a whole team able to bomb 7 bases in their current form a peice just seems incredibly painful, especially when non of them have a gun cause now you need the rank 3 mod for the gun and all you can do is bomb before that so its just setting the F-111 up to be dead on arrival due to the saturation of base bombing, or it would just make games end in 3 mins when everyone carpet bombs the pillbox - howitser emplacements and the convoys and win on tickets, neither of which is really fun for anyone

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‘strike aircraft’ is the designation for ground attack aircraft and more ground attack oriented fighter bombers, such as the F-105, which is a very good bomber but also a very decent fighter if you take the 4 9Es and use bullpups as flares (i dont take the mighty mice cause the bullpups are more reliable in my experience), and as i saw on the dev server the F-111 can fight well, having witheld a dogfight with a MiG-29 for much longer than i expected do to a combination of great rate and decent turn (if only the tornados had the turn element)