F-111A Aardvark: The Ultimate Bomber!

Clean all bases from both sides on one run.

Maybe there should be better bomber objectives…



Especially in Sim. In AB and realistic we have a lot of pillboxes, fixed arty and AA sites, even bridges in some maps (only Korea pops to mind - no clue why this is not more common…).

In Sim you only have the bases everyone is chasing to, or the airfields. Plus to some degree the ground battles, but those are more for attackers, not dedicated bombers, obviously…

I’d really love to see larger/modular mission targets/bases, but also point targets (individual buildings, bridges, whatever) which make the use of precision guided weapons necessary (maybe even with buildings around that must not be damaged, to force to use guided weapons instead of just flattening the whole area WW2 style…), especially for higher tier.

Even SAM sites, protecting enemy zones and which are relevant to be taken out would work and make sim matches very interesting.


Hmh - when i read this:

F-111A Aardvark: The Ultimate Bomber!

I instantly ask myself why gaijin adds an aircraft, that has no purpose in this game other than to be used in game modes outside Air Realistic Battles.

As an aircraft enthusiast i am happy about every new plane - but seeing the developments in the last 3-4 years the changes within Air RB made bombers or strike aircraft mostly useless.

Before the introduction of respawning bases such aircraft had an actual purpose in Air RB - with bombing bases (=resources) and airfields (= source of most threat for own aircraft / ground units) players could influence the match result, so they were a highly valuable asset worth to protect as they could decide matches.

This respawning bases nonsense reduced bombing to a grinding tool. Attacking or killing bases has very little ticket impact and is depending on BR or used aircraft either a suicide mission or just a tool to grind without being a valuable part of your team.

I understand that balancing aircraft with heavy bomb loads is a nightmare if they could be used on maps with “killable” airfields, but robbing those aircraft any possibility to influence the outcome of matches is from my pov no sustainable way to deal with them.

This aircraft is known for being a highly successful tank killer, so it might be worth to take it out in Ground RB. But there is an essential need for changes within the general game play of Air RB (map layout, target locations, ticket impact of playing PvE in PvP environment, etc.) to ensure that those aircraft can fulfill a purpose for their teams.

Without a real purpose those aircraft are reduced to play victims for fighters and to be just a grinding tool…


Where are the AIM-9Js on pylons 3A/6A?


9J means higher BR.

Doesnt matter, it had them, it should receive them in game.

x2 9Js at 10.7 would be very well balanced for an aircraft with this flight performance.

Make me think, it would be cool to be able to take down AAA as well like include them as targets.

Thus, airfield campers could do their favorite activity once the bombers/strikers/fighter-bombers have disabled AAAs.

Despite the fact that jet players claim that af aaa is unable to kill enemies / protect their landings - you can kill af aaa. I saw some time ago an insane F-16 pilot killing all af aaa/SAMs with Mavericks and, ofc, all incoming enemies…

Even at prop BRs you can kill them from a safe altitude with small 60 kg bombs, but without having a lower friendly near them (so they got marked) you barely see them…

Well tbh, most AF AAA /SPAAM systems on airfields at the moment are easily troubled, if they can’t see you on radar,…

I won’t give you the exact altitude from which i made the most kills over the airfield, even when going down to use Guns.

Most of the time, SPAAG do tracked and fired at me when i reach 2.5km altitude from my dive at this point a continuous change of direction will fool any ammo sent a tme, enabling me to gun kill 1 or 2 ennemies on the ground at the moment.

Therefore, if also add some bombs, or rockets, attacking an airfield correctly is rewarding.

→ after the attack and getting out of Dive, just run away from airfield at full speed and low altitude, until SPAAM can’t reach you,…

Easy to do.

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Good to know, I have never seen players attacking AAA so far.

Why these AAA are not considered valuable targets as the current target vehicles, also flagged and advertized properly on the map?

Idk - but the most obvious reasons why their markers pop up at low alt/-distance only might be the wish to protect them from horizontal bombing.

At prop BRs you have similar effect on the New Guinea map - all ground unit markers pop up only below a certain altitude (~2-3 km), whilst bombers can see markers for ships across the map.

In addition you get imho the same amount of points for killing midfield and airfield AAA.

Aint easy being a bomber these days indeed… They are nothing but berries for fighters.

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I made a report on the issues website but it was flagged as not a bug with no reason given. Is there a reason as to why the F-111A has had it’s maximum payload reduced to 38x750lbs instead of it’s max of 50x750lbs as shown on the devserver working within the limits of the airframe and flight model?

Some interesting feature https://youtube.com/shorts/Z2XUL9JX49w?si=wI9-7GnL96TSVjPu

“The Ultimate Bomber!”

Well, but it got no working/useable CCRP in Sim, so, ehm, no… = (

why my wings are fixed whenever I try to use gun pods?
is it normal or a glitch?