F-105D Flares

Hey so i found proof that. I work at a aviation museum and did some research on the F-105D and found that it did have Flares. I got some of this info from Avialogs
So i do think that the F-105D should have flares in war thunder.
f-105D-31 Flares

f-105D-31 Flares2
f-105D-31 Flares9

f-105D-31 Flares3
f-105D-31 Flares5
f-105D-31 Flares6
f-105D-31 Flares7
f-105D-31 Flares8

Well from a 1 min google search MLU-32/B99 is illumination flares for dropping on the ground, not aircraft countermeasures.

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In your future prospects for researching topics like this, it’s important to know how systems are designated.

Example: The US Military Countermeasure systems for countering weapons aimed at aircraft is going to be AN/ALE (or AN-ALE). In your first picture, you see this represented as AN/ALE 2 for the Chaff dispenser for instance.