F-104S ASA and F-16ADF problem (and the non-sense of people asking for the ASA-M, a downgrade to the ASA)

Greetings, a similar post was created during the dev server of the current update, but I thought it would be necessary to be redone during the live server and with a more stable meta. The F-104S ASA is in a spot were after the fix done to the aim-9Ls has not even a niche in the meta, subpar missiles, subpar loadout, subpar performances… Compared to the Mirage F1 family that can bolster both IRCCM all aspect missiles and radar missiles without loosing the gun or missile buses with far superior radar and weapons loadout the F-104S ASA would seem like a plane more adapt to a lower br than the current one it sits at. while that would make little to no sense considering F-104S and G I think that allowing it to use the AIM-9L/I-1 (AIM-9M equivalent) that were actually operated by italy (among other countries like germany that were the ones who built them) would give it back some viability considering the previously mentioned reasons. Furthermore regarding the F-16ADF and the current top tier meta, would make sense for it to receive the same missile and get a raise in br from 12.0 to 12.3 since it also had access to the AIM-9L/I-1 while it was in service alongside the AMRAAMs (that it will receive in the future when they will be added). I would like to know what your thoughts are on the matter considering the other planes and that in the current meta planes without IRCCM missiles at top tier are borderline unplayable because they lack both the weaponry and the flight charachteristics.



Good stuff, though I’d like gaijin to decompress top tier brs first to at least 13.0 and only then add irccm missiles to the less efficient jets like the ASA and ADV so they get moved to 11.7 (together with the MF1) to not make 10.3 an ever bigger living hell.

i agree on decompression but that’s a different matter…also i wasn’t talking about the ADV(Tornado) but the ADF(F-16)