F-104s; 104s asa 104s taf

The S Series Starfighter are simply outclassed at that Battlerating yet somehow in gaijin’s eyes the 11.3 and 11.0 seems justified.

The aspide SARH is mediocre at best not to mention that you loose your internal gun to use the SARH
and how can you honestly put a Starfighter on the same level as a late variant Phantom?
Simply doesnt make any sense at all.

The Starfighter already had issues fighting F4’s, Mirage’s and Mig even as old as the Mig-21 but now it goes up against F-16’s, late F-4’s Mig 23’s and Mig-29’s and the ASA even gets pulled into F-15’s matches.

How is that in any sense balanced? even with some SARH capable missiles the F-104’s do not belong into the 11.0+ bracket and i hope this gets adjusted soon and by that i mean before 2026.

Please let me know what you guys think of this or if i am beeing just a flamboyant Italian Main


It’s very much a compression issue.


That is true but they Started at 10.7 and other then complains from Su25’s and A-10’s the F-104S was fairly well balanced at 10.7.

Because it benefited from the bracket hole and usually didnt see many games in the 11.3-11.7 area.
But now its just 12.0 one after another

I just cannot agree as we have subsonics and supersonics at 9.7 that lack countermeasures. There’s far too much compression from 8.7 onwards that makes air nothing but frustration.