External Fuel Tank Explosions

Something is off about the recent fuel tank changes.

I just had an external fuel tank explosion kill a vehicle. I thought previous the expected behavior was that external fuel tanks couldn’t explode and kill the vehicle. I’ve also seen internal fuel tanks explode and kill the crew even though the engine and a 5mm internal wall was between them.

Overall fuel tank explosions seem to be happening much more often than before and their behavior seems to be bugged.

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I quite like it, I was panicing when my hellcat caught fire and backed up into the flames, as soon as I noticed what was going on I floored it and the fire dropped away.

I feel if I stayed still I’d have burnt to a crisp, but because I fled in panic I saved myself.

(Also not saying there isn’t anything wrong with it, maybe try see what’s going on more when you next get that happen)

Nothing wrong with them catching on fire when hit. Its a good visual effect. There is strange behavior when they explode on impact.

What vehicles have you noticed this on? I may make a lineup if I have it to go and mess about with it.

Most recently the ZBD-04A since I’ve been grinding it. I took a 105mm APFSDS that clipped the back corner of the vehicle where there are external fuel tanks with an internal wall and it exploded killing the tank. In another instance the VT-4a1’s external side fuel tanks also exploded. These are even on the outside of the main armor.

Now that you mention it, I killed 2 BTR-ZD in quick succession last night in my F4U, and they were literal one shot to the back quarter.

I thought they were just low crew or almost done, but they took almost a single shot to them and they were done with ground belts.

I did a search for bug reports

This issue was accepted regarding the ZBD-04A

but not this one for the VT-4

No idea how many more vehicles are affected.

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