Extend PLAYABLE area for SPAA vehicles

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My suggestion would be to extend the playable area for SPAA in the maps where that possibility is, well possible. What do I mean? (I will assume that my suggestions keep getting refused because I don’t show any pictures, so here are pictures for you, my dear suggestion moderators, but because my editing skills are not up to scratch, we will go with hypothesis scenarios rather than what actually happens.)

Example - Normandy map. For the sake of clarity, the spawning points are not accurate, and it’s not the relevant point.
Blue and Red Circles - Spawn points for Ground forces.
Green Lines - Map boundaries for tanks and other ground vehicles
Black lines - Map boundaries for SPAA.

Key points:

  • My suggestion is to extend the map to West and East for SPAA. This is the main point. There’s also possibility to also extend the map to both North and South(For SPAA) but due to some SPAA vehicles being better at anti-tank combat, this would increase chance of spawn camping, hence it’s not part of my suggestion.
  • This would give SPAA, a fighting chance because planes would have a bigger ground to cover, also extending the map gives a possibility to introduce cover for SPAA vehicles only. As of right now, due to maps becoming smaller and better planes, CAS have huge advantage over any SPAA that is currently in the game.
  • There’s also a possibility of adding a spawn points for SPAA only, in the area that I provided, where SPAA’s could choose whether to spawn on tank spawn or their own spawn.
    *The playable area for SPAA provided in this picture is only estimated and in no way part of my suggestion. This was just a picture to make it clear what I’m suggesting. The area for SPAA could be both bigger and smaller depending on what Gaijin staff would decide, and it provides additional discussion point for people.
  • Introduce extra ticket bleed if the only vehicles alive are SPAA in their own little area.
  • Remove ability for SPAA to scout while they’re inside of their own area, or remove scout function for them all together.

Side note: If this doesn’t get approved, then I don’t know what else I need to do to make my suggestions more clear.

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You’ve chosen a pretty good map to use as an example of why this is something that shouldn’t be added imo

First of all the red team gets absolutely shafted in this area compared to the blue team, red get stuck with a steep hill that most won’t be able to climb and if they did it would give a massive advantage against both air and ground vehicles. On the other hand blue team gets a way better deal in that they get nice hills to hide behind while still getting a great view of the sky .

Secondly this absolutely would ruin the flow of gameplay as the first thing that pops into my head is what’s stopping someone spawning spaa and just hiding back there the entire game, first scenario would be just drawing out the game for no reason… Spawinging let’s say a falcon and sitting back there in cover where only air targets can possibly attack them while ground vehicles sit there waiting for the match to end. The other scenario is what’s stopping for example an spas sitting up on red teams hill if it could get up there and just spotting and tracking any ground targets it see, many high teir spaa get lrf making it incredibly easy to just use it as a sniper hill and be an nuisance where ground vehicles can’t flank, or I know it’s very few but some spaa get the ability to spot I can only think of the type 93 that has it but it could easily sit up on a hill like this and just spot the entire gaming while lobbing missiles at any aircraft that tried to kill it.

While I would love to have more hidy holes for spaa this is definitely not the way to do it as it simpley adds too many issues along with it


Changing the map terrain wouldn’t be hard thing to do. Heck, just copy pasting extended playable areas so they would be the same is also viable.

So, it’s either “Play SPAA” or “SPAA ruins flow of the game” We’ve tickets bleed for the reason. It wouldn’t be hard thing to add, we have already similar thing when there are no vehicles alive. For all intents and purposes, SPAA hanging around in their own area could count as that.

Remove ability to scout while in SPAA only area.

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Changing the maps by not only expanding the playable area specifically for one type of vehicle while also re modeling and changing these maps while also adding the rule of not being able to spot in said areas sounds like a ton of work and spaghetti code for something that isn’t really a problem or something people have voiced much desire for.

So, it’s either “Play SPAA” or “SPAA ruins flow of the game”

This comment also seems redundant and unnecessary, never once have i mentioned these things, SPAA has a very important role in game and absolutely is needed to play especially with the current state of SP/CAS in GRB… Im saying having an auto gun vehicle that has an entire play section of the map where it cannot be flanked or out maneuvered sounds obnoxiously painful as they can easily track and disable vehicles.

For all intents and purposes, SPAA hanging around in their own area could count as that.

This just sounds like a nightmare to bring into fruition as well and overall making this “SPAA only” area even more redundant and even more of a nightmare to implement

One type of vehicle that is crucial for asymetrical gamemode that Gaijin wants to do where SPAA’s are supposed to counter Planes that counter tanks.

How often do you play SPAA? my guess would be very rarely, because what we’ve with SPAA is not good enough. The only way to play SPAA is to be in spawn, especially in top tier, but you can’t be in spawn because you’re an easy target. This would switch up the mode and add necessary spice to it.

An issue it would be very easy to work around.

most times in ground the planes are within the map except AIs

Or here’s a crazy idea, seeing as the issues you’ve stated mostly apply to higher brs. Give us bigger maps where you can’t easily shoot spawn to spawn within the first 30s of the game. Besides most AA would become unable to effectively cover their team if they go even further behind spawns.


For AA that are not in top tier or close to it, they wouldn’t need to use it.

For AA that are in top tier, they are unable to effectively cover their team anyways right now, and this would provide fighting chance.

So SPAAs can hide from ground vehicles? That’s a no for me. In fact, asking for more room for SPAA is purely skill issue. There are many cover to use instead of running away from everyone.

The whole point of SPAA’s is to not engage ground vehicles, lol.

Also, I don’t care about this being skill issue. All this does is make the gameplay more diverse, and it’s especially needed because for some reason gaijin thinks small maps are good

I would love to see bigger maps, but not just for SPAA. I’m an average AA player and I’m happy with the current meta. One of my buddy is crazy in SPAA, destroys everything flying that isn’t friendly single-handedly so I see no way giving SPAAs any special treatments.

That area could be similar to Air Rb, where SPAA in that area will be considered as inactive players if they’re the only ones who remain. Similar to aircraft being inactive on the airfield when they are the only ones who remain

I don’t like the idea of one specific type of ground vehicle having extended playable area. Having each team extended playable spawn area in a way that the opposite side doesn’t see it on their map is good way to handle spawn camping and this issue as well, but assuming there would be either more spawn points to choose from there or simply free choice where you want to spawn exactly in that area.

With that said, when it comes to issue of SPAAs requiring cover against the planes - it exactly shows the core of the problem - SPAAG should be a deterrent against the planes and it is not until there is a radar on it in the game currently. It is virtually impossible to aim precisely at the plane on a flat screen and what the game does is simply increasing the odds of hitting the longer you play this specific vehicle. The proof that it’s not a skill outside of vaguely figuring out the lead is in the fact that gamepad and radar SPAAs have lead calculated and still you can miss, and you can have planes coming straight at you and you can still miss with the vulcan or other high rate of fire things.

And this problem won’t be solved with some custom covers accessible only in some SPAA exclusive area, and more importantly you want to sit outside of the combat zone while you’re supposed to be a deterrent against the planes exactly where your fighting units are, and not far away from them.

I’ve been begging for extended playable area for top tier SPAA, a vehicle as big as the FlaRakRad, TOR and Pantsir have nowhere to go in urban and small maps, maps like Port Novo, Alaska and Abandoned Town are a nightmare to traverse and take any cover from CAS, it turns into a fish in a barrel situation and easy kills for CAS.


I fully support this though I was thinking more along the lines of extra spawning points for SPAA and SPH, perhaps 5-10km behind the main ground maps.