Exploitation of the Newbie Battle System Occurring

So that’s probably how they are doing it, they disable crossplatform and both sync queue with similar BR vehicles. Just wait enought till the game finds them a match with or without other players. From the replays it seems always the same few XBox players, but there could be more doing it.

As a former PS4 player I know how hard it can be to play tanks with a controller against mouse users, you simply aren’t fast and precise enough against them. But still it’s an exploit.

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Dont forget that EAC isnt on arcade mode


I’m sorry for bit necroing but it you can abuse this system even on Jet RB match.
I was in queue for the SA server because I saw a few players who had pretty good K/D and WR but awful play so, I thought could exploit this system in ARB as well.


Yeah… It works because there are no peoples in SA server at 17:00 to 22:00 GMT.


Is this account banned?

Nope. None of 'em.

I need to get an Xbox. lol.