Explain me new apology after TK system

I am starting a game and someone strafes me during take off. That guy “apologizes”, I don’t click anything to accept but he still continues to play. What is the point of rejecting apology then?

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To be honest nothing only thing is they still lose a lot of SL for TKING

thanks for the instant answer. But some people are so narcissistic and premium user that can perfectly continue their game after their “minor trolling, it is just a game bro” attitude. I can’t understand why are they allowing this behavior…

Well fair just report them that what I do or I also will be the last one to take off on the AF

He has to pay your repair costs after the game. I think, even if you are killed by another player.

It was supposed to more point to them facing more penalty, not just the paying of the repair which is standard…

They get punishment if they do teamkill to much in one day. Example: several teamkill in AB+RB can result in ban. The system register the teamkill anyway.

If you think that someone will get banned for TK, then you are wrong and it’s also a person who buys premium in the game, in wt even bots don’t get a ban xd, unless you mean a ban for 8 minutes for being kicked from the match

The in-game report is ignored basically always. To get any attention you have to go into server replay, click the excalamation mark and then give them exact time of the event. Only such reports get reviewed, maybe because only a handful of people actually uses them.

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Yeah, that is hardest way to report though. Inconvenient, you need to open your file system, find replay, sometimes rewatch replay for exact timeline, go to website, write some explanation etc etc. Good way to discourage people. Reporting with replay should be done inside the game easily. Right click → report for teamkilling should be enough.


The question is whether it’s worth it, if you had a bonus of 500% and you lost it because someone killed you on purpose, it’s better to write to support, it happened to me once that I lost a bet on golden eagles and they gave it back to me.


good to know

You are the one who is wrong cause you can get automaticaly banned from teamkilling with or without a premium account, you don’t even need to be reported for that.

How do I know? The only time I got banned from this game was cause of that, I had to teamkill a teamkiller several times in one match, got kicked from it, then I got an accidental teamkill on another match and got a 24h automatic ban.


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Then you must be VERY unlucky.

Not really, just on the last teamkill that triggered the 1d ban.

Thanks God, I wasn’t killed during boosters. And when I use boosters;

  1. I don’t use chat to get recognized by people, no arguments or good luck
  2. Diagonal takeoff so a clown doesn’t kill me
  3. I don’t go for other people’s targets so they won’t kill me for kill stealing their untouched target or what not :)
  4. Stay away from furballs so I survive more and ground pound to pad my score for more RP.

Luck doesn’t play into this, just an algorithm that takes into account the TKers TK’s and TK and spawn history.

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I think for one teamkill don’t result instant ban but you gather enough teamkill to trigger the ban in the sytem.

If I remember correctly, 3 x TK in one match = kick.

It’s hard not to teamkill someone that is consistently trying to teamkill you.

I never said I teamkilled once, if I remember correctly I teamkilled the teamkiller 3 times in the same match and got kicked from it, then I accidentaly teamkilled someone else in another match and got the instant 24h ban.

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