Experiencing Technical Issues with SA Server in War Thunder

Hello fellow War Thunder players,

I wanted to bring up some technical issues I’ve been facing with the SA server in the game, as well as highlight an additional concern related to accessibility. I hope this post helps to raise awareness about these issues and encourages further improvement in the SA server performance, ensuring a more inclusive gaming experience for all players.

Major Lag on SA Server:
I’ve noticed significant lag while playing on the SA server, which can be particularly challenging for players like me who rely on visual cues to play the game due to hearing disabilities. The delay in response times and jerky movements make it harder to anticipate and react to in-game events, significantly impacting the overall experience.

Tanks Not Rendering:
The problem of tanks not rendering properly on the SA server is especially frustrating for players with hearing disabilities who heavily rely on visual cues. When tanks fail to appear on screen, it becomes exceedingly difficult to navigate the battlefield, plan strategies, and react effectively to the situation at hand. This issue not only affects the general player base but also poses additional challenges for players who rely on visual feedback.

Hit Indicator and Tank Damage:
The hit indicator not accurately displaying where I was hit, along with tanks not showing damage despite being hit, creates confusion and inconsistency in gameplay. For players with hearing disabilities, visual cues such as hit indicators and visible damage are crucial for understanding the status of battles. This issue makes it harder to assess the success of shots and react accordingly, further exacerbating the difficulties faced by players like me.

Frequent Ghost Shells:
Ghost shells, which occur frequently on the SA server, can be especially frustrating for players with hearing disabilities. These phantom shots that pass through enemy tanks without registering any damage are hard to detect without clear visual feedback. Ghost shells undermine the fairness of battles and can lead to unnecessary deaths or missed opportunities for players who rely on visual cues.

High Packet Loss:
Packet loss on the SA server disrupts the smooth flow of gameplay, causing hitches, teleportations, and disruptions in movement. This inconsistency in movement poses an additional challenge for players with hearing disabilities, who rely on visual feedback to navigate the game world effectively. The high packet loss further compounds the difficulties faced by players like me, impacting our ability to fully engage in the game.

As an individual with a hearing disability, the importance of visual clues in my gaming experience cannot be overstated. Therefore, I urge the developers to not only address the technical issues but also consider the needs of players with disabilities in their efforts to improve the SA server performance. By ensuring better rendering, accurate hit indicators, reduced ghost shells, and minimizing packet loss, War Thunder can become a more inclusive and enjoyable game for players of all abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to read my updated post. I encourage other players to share their experiences, suggestions, and thoughts on these matters, fostering a supportive community that advocates for an accessible and immersive gaming experience.

Best regards,
Azad Kashur

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You’re not alone, experiencing nearly the same on EU Servers, except permanently high Ping / PL.

But crashes into the ground while flying ARB / CAS GRB due to lag / Pl spikes is common.

I don’t have problems with the SA server. I have noticed that sometimes I’m struck and me crew is dead/unconscious but I never heard the shell hit my tank. I’m unsure if that’s SA or US server. Performance of the server is generally good.

I can’t figure out how to enable the hit indicator. Even if I choose to display it from the options menu it still doesn’t show up, and never has. Am I supposed to enabled FULL ui or does the hit indicator work on “necessary” as well?

An Hit Indicator and where you Hit an enemy will be displayed at the upper right corner automatically.

If u didn’t hear anything, that means there’s something heavily desynced.

So I would question your connection or the server performance in general.

I blame the landlord and other tenants, but over-all it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve had some really good matches and I’ve had some really bad ones too (victories/defeats). Sometimes I switch between SA and US if I suspect there’s an issue with the connection.

im having the same problem