Expansion of BR for ground vehicles

It is puzzling that the maximum BR for ground vehicles is still 11.7 while the maximum BR for aircraft has been extended to 12.7
I think the balance of BR for vehicles in the WWII period is excellent, but there are quite a few imbalances in BR for postwar vehicles.
Need to extend the maximum BR of vehicles to 12.7 and rethink about the BR of vehicles above BR 7.0

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Just a second, hear me out.

The problem with raising the maximum vehicle BR right now without raising the maximum BR for aircraft means that top tier tanks (10.7-11.7) are once again fighting 12.7 aircraft every single match.

Top tier air BR needs to go up as well, otherwise the top tier CAS problem becomes massively worse yet again. Simply raising the top ground BR to 12.7 is a bad move.


But they already are. Even then, only the team without pantsirs has the luxury of using CAS, unless pantsir players are dumb

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You’re not following me here.

If the top BR of ground vehicles goes up, but the top BR of aircraft doesn’t, then suddenly we’re facing F-16Cs and SU-27s with guided bombs every match in 10.7-11.7 vehicles.

These vehicles are simply too good to be the same br as current top tier SPAA. Right now they’re 1 BR higher, and that means you don’t see them all too often unless you intentionally take a 12.0-12.7 aircraft in your lineup.

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Both are in dire need of decompression, but that is the typical theme with Gaijin and top tier

The upcoming split BRs between Air and Ground will go a good way towards resolving this issue.

you’re assuming good faith on Gaijin’s part and that they won’t pull a monkey’s paw

On the bright side, you can now take 12.7 aircraft in your lineups and avoid the 11.3 premium spam.

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Honestly last update, when they added rank 8 vehicles only to coutries that had good tanks already (except Challenger maybe) I thought it was logical to increase the Br.

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