Exclusive prenium

As you know gaijin added some exclusive vehicles: PlayStation have A-26C-45DT, xbox have F4U-4B VMF-214 and Xm1 (Chrysler). But i think that now they must be able to anyone, no more exclusive vehicles. P-36A Rasmussen’s was first an PS plus exclusive pack (and on steam too if i’m not wrong) is no longer exclusive. I think that it’s time for XM1 (C) and his friends to be able on pc too. Furthermore people who bought it on xbox and play on computer can have 2 XM 1 !! That’s unbalanced. I hope Gaijin will make these vehicles available to anyone so (and they will make more money too haha). And you, what’s your opinion ?
(byw I would appreciate a answer from a gaijin staff 👍)

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Those vehicles are not that special anyway…

I agree with the OP, all vehicles should be accessible to all players in some fair and fun ways.

“[…]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game’s content, the better.”