Exclusive prenium

As you know gaijin added some exclusive vehicles: PlayStation have A-26C-45DT, xbox have F4U-4B VMF-214 and Xm1 (Chrysler). But i think that now they must be able to anyone, no more exclusive vehicles. P-36A Rasmussen’s was first an PS plus exclusive pack (and on steam too if i’m not wrong) is no longer exclusive. I think that it’s time for XM1 (C) and his friends to be able on pc too. Furthermore people who bought it on xbox and play on computer can have 2 XM 1 !! That’s unbalanced. I hope Gaijin will make these vehicles available to anyone so (and they will make more money too haha). And you, what’s your opinion ?
(byw I would appreciate a answer from a gaijin staff 👍)


Those vehicles are not that special anyway…

I agree with the OP, all vehicles should be accessible to all players in some fair and fun ways.

“[…]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game’s content, the better.”

I agree as well. What’s the point of the exclusives? They would make more money if they just allowed everyone to get their XM-1(C)

It teaches people to deal with FOMO. That is a key skill for this game.

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What is exclusive should stay exclusive. People paid for things that are exclusive for a reason.


The funny thing is that when people want something in WarThunder, they are quick to do and pay anything.
In battle, however, their FOMO puts them in the most stupid situations.
And even I’m not immune to that. I recently had another battle that I just drove after and ended up standing around looking stupid because I didn’t want to go spawn camping.
How are you supposed to cope morally with that ^^