Excessive ramming in [Pilotage] Mission for the training of aerobatic teams

its unplayable, especially for bombers. We cant even do formation without getting completely destroyed in 2 minute by a person with a hard to understand motivation who would keep ramming people like a maniac. Im playing this game since 2016 and it was never been as bad as in theese days. in my theory, the reason why ramming increased like an epidemic is because it gives kill score. Even if it doesnt mean anything in custom battles, the red glowing drug of ‘‘Aircraft Destroyed’’ is not helping at all.

Dear Gaijin, please do something to discourage ramming in this custom battle server. There are lots of players who spends majority of their time in this game mode and we all gonna appreciate a more satisfying gameplay experience.


Bombers need a super sonic hug as much as possible!

In seriousness though, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Gaijin’s lack of Custom Battle support is quite well established.