Every time I try to post a bug report

Every time I try to post a bug report I get this when I go to submit it [EID: 27d615c724a3a812b72b71683c923b5e] Anybody know how to correct this to where I don’t get this message?. And this bug report deals with this missile going through trees and radar that sees through trees with leaves on them we all know that it is impossible for radar to do this and this needs to be fixed in the game!

I can already tell you this probably won’t be addressed. Not every tree is modeled as a solid object, and I would assume that it is to help with performance on the servers and such. I’m not trying to discourage you, by all means pursue it if it means that much to you. I just wanted to let you know that not all trees are actually trees.

Some radars can see thru trees too.

No… No…

What? A radar is not a Xray machine. Its susepteble to alot of things. Like a flock of birds can look like a MIG-29 or the ground interference!

So indeed, a tree could certainly conceal a radar signature effectively!

The radar signal bounces back to the receiver off tree leaves they cannot penetrate the leaves on the tree question? have you ever been to a major airport and where’s the radar antenna located at is there any trees around said antenna no it’s out in the open and its way above the ground probably on the air traffic control tower on top of it are somewhere on the airfield and Yes leaves, evergreens and any type of foliage is a radar dampener.
Big differences in fall and spring testing as the leaves fall off or buds come out and fill in the trees.
Some items absorb radar, others block, others reflect.
Many ways for a test course to change, even with a slight sprinkle of rain in the middle of a test session it is a radar dampener!