Every country against every country?

Idk if the image above is viewable or no

So is this even possible? i (playing usa) played a match like normal when suddenly i was killed by a m56. ofc i was surprised. and when i check the lb it showed every nation tech tree is in the same team also in the enemy team. is this even possible or a bug?

It’s quite possible, especially when everyone is playing the “meta” (i.e. the same popular vehicles).


Israel, Italy and Sweden must’ve been late to the party.

In realistic battles its quite often if you have a lot of people running squads with nations that typically constantly fight eachother, for example 5.7 setup with party having Germany,Usa and USSR player/players in it. These parties usually have big waiting time until mathcmaker decides to do just what you had on screenshot.

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Look at at the squads in your team. In multiple squads there’s a mixture of nations. In such a case MM tends to create full mix battles like that…

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Looking at this its many parties having two nations, and other parties having one of that nation and another one paired, so its a link that creates and makes matchmaker make it everyone vs everyone.

Yep, and we can only guess what combinations were in the other team…

Really though, these matches could be used to get data about what vehicles are actually OP compared to being the nation being OP.

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oh yeah, was so confused i forgot about them

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Not really considering everyone will be bringing different line ups and skill gap can be very huge between players in War Thunder. You also need to take into account one team can be fully of level 10s while other having a lot of level 70+. War thunder is great.

ah i understand now, no wonder there was some people using m4a1 in the enemy team

I dont know how much time you have played the game, but vehicles like Sherman also appear in other nations, usually you can tell its other nation version of your tank by colour or corresponding sign to nation close to vehicle name, sometimes theres also unique decals saying its from x country.
Shermans, T-34, Panzer 4, T72M-1,Leopard 2A4 and Leopard A1A5, T-54, M-26, M3-M5 light tanks, T26 and ZSU-37-2 are often to be seen in nations that werent one to originally make them.

yeah i know, but what i actually meant the m4a1 the 3.3 br sherman from US

I’m in favor of non-nation based mm, so this feels excellent from a game-balance stance, since the strongest vehicles will be facing into eachother more frequently.

i agree, but to some extent tho. if you like it, arcade is actually the best choice for you, but well arcade is arcade.

anyway, if the match is always like this, it’d be difficult for people, or just me idk, to adapt. such as earlier i have difficulties facing US vehicles. when i was shot by m56, i was caught off guard so much. because first, i dont know if he was actually an enemy. and second, i dont really notice because m56 dont have features that i usually scan for when looking around for enemies.

I don’t like the physics system in arcade anf the CAS system, so seeing the arcade mm in rb is a win for me.

Doesn’t matter, historical realism died a long time ago, Gaijin just keeps it’s corpse lying around because its what differentiates this game from any other FTP MMO shootem’up.
You see a vehicle without a blue player card, you shoots it.

This in itself creates a whole other set of issues with blue cards showing through trees and mountains, it’s easy to miss ID a tank as friendly when not. I hated it when GJ went this route, just lazy MM management. The all mighty “QUEUE” time rearing it’s ugly head.