Event Vehicles

So iv been grinding the event quit hard like every time . But this time i am absolutely shocked what trash WT is putting Up for grind! The LOSAT is the biggest trash iv seen in game rewards for so much hard work ! LOSAT zero damage close range presuming you hit anything, zero damage at 600m needed 3 hits on a CV 90105 to kill it…and this thing is paper! At long range missile does what it want maybe and at the end this thing is usable at red desert map that’s all :)
From now on i skip your event’s and belive me i am in every one since the IS7 gl with future event WT

1: So at start we had atleast penetration at close range now we dont ( balancing ) making it totally unsusable.
2: unusable at 90% of maps because they to small returning us at point 1
3: missile controll zero at ranges closer than 800m returning us to point 2
4: massive fail on WT side!

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That’s why I skipped this event. I’ve done almost all of the events, but even if I have the time now, I skipped it. Each vehicle is worth a grind of maximum 3 hours - no more.

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Well event should be like before special like the KV220 or the IS7 realy special and nice machines to be worth grinding. Now its all business they keep cashing in on sales…nothing special here im out of you events till something changes ! Im sorry event are not worth the time nor efford

Fewer events (2 per year) with decent prices would be great.


business for both Gaijin and community, after all its community to rush the events just to sell the price, making profit.
In no way events should give ability to get vehicles as high BR as LOSAT.


We already have free high BR vehicles ( squadron) so this makes it irrelevant if it should be high or not. i myself am a collector i dont play event to pay for my premium time or whatever ofcourse not all like me and i get it but this game should become a part time job to afford premium this it not a solution.

Im more about squadron, premium, event vehicles making it too easy to reach high ranks, giving unexperienced players ability to meet more experienced ones, thus often dragging team down creating incompetence.

i totally agree with you match expiriance its trash 1 lifers all day long

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I haven’t heard a single positive thing about the assembly events since the first one, at this point the best way to view them is as a limited time marketplace premium, shilling out market value seems a lot more doable than actually investing the time to grind out the event.

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The first one was the only one you could complete for free. Now you have to spend like $50 min to complete them. Sucks

Wasn’t it obvious from the beginning this events prizes are trash?

I don’t think there was anything wrong with the event prizes this time around, aside from a vehiclw with a completely unique munition type being relegated to a limited time machine that’s never coming back in any meaningful way.

Tbh I think the event vehicles should just be varaints of things we already have in the game, or possibly prototypes for things that normal players have access to.