Event/Summer quest question

Hi everyone,

Just a general question on how events, particularly the SUMMER quest, have gone past year in preparation for this year.
48 hours for 40k mission points or 999 GE was it I believe per task. 10 (or 8?) tasks gets you the main reward.
Now I don’t have more than an hour or so to play everyday and last year I bought the F4D straight up. In Enlisted the events allow you to buy the remainder of the task so if you reach half and want to pay the rest with gold it’s essentially 50% (or however much you’ve completed) cheaper. Being a Gaijin game, does War Thunder have the same? Would playing an hour everyday reaching maybe 10-20k mission points in 48 hours reduce the 999 GE price for the task? Last year I wouldn’t have noticed because irc I just bought the task as soon as I could.

Unfortunatly, no.

No GE reduction if you doing a part of the task :/

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Thx, good to know!