Event star - data collection (CONCLUDED)


nah, i want obj for myself to bolster my 10.0 russian lineup

why should anyone sell this piece of history

adding, with his consent, iMatty01s game.

Game mode: Arcade battles


M1128 MGS, M1A1, M247, IPM1, M1A1HC


note that times highlighted in red take into account literal nap he took between 13:25 and 17:29. This higlights an issue that sardinha08 pointed out that not everyone has the same habits, thus i provided both times.


I should add to this that my gaming schedule is not homogeneous.

I usually play Monday Evening (between 5 and 8 PM), Wednesday (morning and evening,same as monday),Friday Evening (same as Monday) and Saturday Morning.

Sometimes i even pass Monday and Wednesday at my Best friend’s house playing Stardew Valley.

I know that the event is boring,that it might seem hard. But you need to have the mindset of “just play, don’t think about it”

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I’ve been doing the event every day only using the lowest modifier vehicles (rank I-III AB)
takes around 20-25 matches AT MOST to achieve score.
Which ended up being around 2 hours per day (rounded to 2) so 4 hours(a bit over and closer to 5 if matches were long ones) per mark.
When you brake it to like 10 matches and 2 hours per day it isn’t really too bad.
I wasn’t anti the change but i do think that 45k number is higher and that 35k is an optimal mid with 40 being max.
Remember its about managing your time and not forcing yourself , just play what mode and BR you enjoy the most.
Compared to RNG especially in older crafting events and task ones forcing you to play a certain way score+only one vehicle is great. I just wish the you could get the tasks playing any mode, just maybe decrease the rank of the multiplier if the vehicles used are in a different branch from the event one i.e. you get a rank (or two) lower multiplier if playing in the air mode as opposed to ground. IT would still put the focus on the vehicles own mode but letting people who maybe don’t feel like playing that or are doing specific task or challenges still focus on those.

which would put you somewhere around 2500 to 3000 average score per game

anywhere between 1700 at worst to 6000 at far best , i wildly fluctuate how i due because gajin’s EU servers randomly go meltdown more become near unplayable with 35-60% PL. I still get it in about the same amount of time and matches , been tracking that , just not score cuz i don’t reliably play the same way every match.

@sardinha08 hey, can you open PMs for a moment? got around to putting your scores into the table, want to show it to you first privately so you can OK it.