Event Resource Crates Induced Material Shortages

Not exactly sure what is going on here since we don’t have access to the source code, but it is quite obvious it is written incorrectly and induces very bad material shortages. Below is my current resources:

Now, I didn’t partake for a couple days of the event and the first 2 days were only 20k points. Since then I’ve gotten the full 75k points each day (halfway today). And yet, ever since I began this event I ALWAYS was missing 1 material, electrical components. So far today I have pulled a total of 5 electrical components, the rest being other useless junk, mostly being more steel. My missile progress is basically halted and I should have the 10th missile done with how many crates I’ve gotten, but thanks to the imbalance, I am stuck on the 9th:

This was never an issue I experienced this badly in the prior crafting events I did, such as the rocket crafting event. This is a frustrating experience, actually worse than gacha game mechanics since they have a pity system. It is quite clear the devs did not include any code on adjusting drop probability according to what materials you have an abundance of and what materials you are lacking. It is further evident the devs did not include code where once you hit X amount of crates you will have the all the materials needed for the missile craft.

In terms of game design and consumer retention, this is bad, like VERY bad. Artificial material shortages in an event like this does not encourage players to spend more money on the game, it just frustrates us more with the game and makes players think “why should I spend money on a game that is actively going against me, even for a free event”. I do not understand why the dev team didn’t include any statistical balancing to ensure players will get the materials needed when they need them. It isn’t complex code to write either, a freshman comp sci major could do it.

FEEDBACK: my feedback for the devs going forward, if you plan to do events with random pulls for materials, then you NEED to add in statistical balancing for the drop rates according to the players inventory to make sure they don’t get stuck somewhere and continue to draw more materials they do not need. The event itself I found was fine, but the material shortage is extremely off putting and puts me in a bad mood when I pull 5 crates and don’t get a single material I need.

Pretty sure that’s intentional.

Everybody gets one resource that they’ve more than they need, and one resource that they don’t have as much. It’s to encourage people to use market.

Thankfully, 5 missiles in, I haven’t faced such a problem, even though I get one resource that sometimes I lack (However, I got at least 60k score everyday)

all craft event ( since I play ) are like this, also getting max crates per day allows you to complete the event with no marketplace

PS : maybe the games “reads” what you have, so I craft until get out of material then open a couple, back to craft - repeat

Its a great way for them to push the players towards using the marketplace.

100% intentional.

I took the LOSAT and will take the Ki and stopped grinding. This was an unreal grind.