Event missile problem

after having carried out the first attempt, and having found that the missile did not explode, and having chosen the missile’s warhead as the defective part, I made the second attempt, and the missile had exactly the same problem with the warhead, no problems with the engine or the flight system, I chose the warhead again but this time it gave me the wrong one. Is there something I don’t understand? Has anyone had something similar happen?

Its a rigged event based on “RNG”. Dont expect to get the top tier reward(s) (if you dont spend at least 15 hours a day grinding the event, you wont get anything)

Dont bother, go play another game.

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These events are literally idiotic, Gaijin doesn’t understand that people hate these events, especially because they leave out a lot of information and don’t explain them properly.

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Here is a spreadsheet for all the malfunctions: Ki-148 malfunctions @ Made by dimiderevo - Google Drive

Has taken me 5-6 hours a day so far to get the 75K, and i am just playing whatever needs spading above rank 3, not trying to metagame with something like the Obj-279 or KV-1E/B or abusing SIM. The only part of this event that is RNG is the amount of materials you get from the crates, and even that is only superficially RNG, because so far everyone i know has got enough resources in 2 days worth of full grinding to create 3 full Missiles, which tracks as this is the rate you would need to go at to get 6 total target destruction reports to get 2 of the high teir vehicles over the 12 days.

The event has been explained fine, the devblog has all the info in it. i have not seen a question asked so far that was not answered in the devblog before the question was asked.

so well that many people didn’t understand anything

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Here’s what I’m going to tell you. Gaijin wants to be inclusive enough to the point where they allow people with absolute garbage computers to abuse ultra low quality which gives them a clear advantage over other players, they extended the game to other platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation by giving controller users pre-aming and invisible x-ray, but gosh forbid if you have a full-time job and can’t dedicate 5 to 6 hours a day assuming you do well every single game to grind an event that has a randomized chance of either completing a step, or missing a step.

Sure, the dev blog explained it, but the chart is very hard to read and will confuse most people not familiar with spreadsheets. The dev blog also did not explain exactly how long it would take for people to complete the event. There is no way that I’m going to have time to get the LOSAT legitimately, much less the other top tier rewards. The only way for me to attain them is to buy them from the gaijin marketplace. And given that it’s not a premium vehicle, I’m not even going to consider spending money on it.

I pledged to myself that I’m not going to spend any more money on this game until they are more transparent about their expectations of the player base and balance gameplay logically instead of these half cooked statistics.

So instead of simping for the dev team of a game that you are clearly married towards, how about you consider the opinions of people from other walks of life @T3ddy4

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  1. I work a full time job and still do the whole lot.

2.There were plenty of games where i have died without getting really any score, i didn’t do well every game.

  1. It isnt randomised if you do some simple maths, 360 crates for the whole event, for 6 development reports, so you will want to get 180 crates over the 12 days to get the losat. One crate is 2500 mission score, so 450000 mission score over 12 days, or 37500 score per day. This does not include the extra crates you get after testing the missiles and sending the report, and is also required anyway for the progress reports you will need to get 3 of the target destruction reports.

The info is all there.

The chart is made by some random on the internet, and is far from necessary to pick the right option.

It always amuses me when people get so upset that others simply explain how things work to them. Nothing i said was even remotely in favour of the event. It is objectively worse than the Summer/Winter events, and they have introduced some really scummy tactics for inflating the market price of the materials by limiting supply. You made a ridiculus statement :

which is blatantly false, and expect people to just let it slide because “MuH gAiJiN bAd”
I am all for critising them when they do things wrong, or do scummy things that make the game harder for an average player, but if you just start trying to accuse them of all sorts of nonsense, and start making obviously nonsense statements, it becomes difficult to filter out the dross from the genuine issues, and what happens is they become less inclined to listen to anything. If you are going to critisice them, at least do it for the correct things.

Apologies for assuming that, by your lack of dissatisfaction in regards to time spent for this event, you did not have a job. Congrats. Either way, do you realize how long 37,500 mission score takes to get? It has taken me two days to get ONE missile that was a dud. I frequently work 10-12 hour days and have a life outside of war thunder. I’m not going to spend the rest of my evenings trying to get one vehicle that is going to be extremely niche anyways. That is illogical and frankly I have better things to do. 5-6 hours PER DAY is a insane amount of time for a developer to expect a player to play their game daily.

You want a valid critical point? Gayjin does not know their audience or the people paying to keep their lights on. I was a whale once. I’ve probably bought close to 200,000 Golden Eagles and have spent literally thousands of dollars on premium vehicles. I have a premium account for at least 200 more days. But do they make any effort to make my experience more enjoyable? Perhaps free skips on the battlepass since I have a premium account? Double daily login rewards for continued loyalty? A balanced bias free game experience so that each game isn’t as stress riddled to play?

No no no, that would make sense and require more than absolute minimal effort to appease the stock holders…we can’t have that.

War thunder has the potential to be an amazing game but since 2016 it’s been one step forward, two steps back. The WTPU just wants the game to be the best it can be, and who do the devs listen to? Content creators primarily. People who’s job is literally to play the game. People that GAIJIN sponsors to play frequently.

-A lot of these map updates have not been asked for nor necessary
-the stat card images were almost universally hated
-most people hate the wacky wavy inflatable arm tube trees
-ghost shells and ammo are still a problem and so are flight models of MANY MANY MANY aircraft
-The new R73 missiles were delivered unfinished and are still half baked.
-op vehicles that don’t fit in their br have not been addressed (VIDAR, 2s37 and many others im missing
-vehicles that get up tiered frequently but suck have not been adjusted (SU-25BM, The f104 line, a lot of the magach line, most AA)
-many vehicles are missing historical components (f105d missing flares, gun pods and other ordinance on many others)
-reporting is a waste of time because gaijin does not share the results of reported players further advocating for accurate policing within the community

How much criticism do you want? I can go on and on about the growing list of disappointing things that this game is collecting. And thats not even my own personal gripes with this game. I’m all for region locking now that asia has its own dedicated servers as the vast majority of those “farm bots” seem to come from those areas. And if you think I’m prejudiced, fly some Air RB sometime, watch how many non-standard alphabet names take off, fly towards a base, drop bombs, and then fly off into the enemy base and tell me I’m wrong.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m going to finish this last battlepass and then I’m probably going to take a LONG break from war thunder (unless they bring back the sturmtiger again, then I’ll probably GE/grind that event). I do not like how the game is going and frankly they could really benefit from doing a player base wide survey to get a feel for their audience. What types of games they play, their time spent on average. I think they would be shocked by the amount of people that only play because of FOMO, or Addiction, not because they are having fun or genuinely enjoying themselces. And if they aren’t, then gaijin is even more disgusting than I thought as they are openly preying on people’s vices.

Unfortunately, working 10-12 hour days, this event is not designed for you. Which is no fun, i wish everyone could get these vehicles, but this is not the case. Good luck with the break, i hope that when/if you do come back, the game is in a much better place in your eyes.