Event Material Shortages Can't get the second vehicle

v No absenteeism
v Missile test all answered correctly (ALL +3)
v Got the first vehicle
v Never sold wood
v final round
The item acquisition limit has been reached
Can’t get the second vehicle


Throughout the event, missile tests, The order was bad-bad-good. 18 times in total
In theory, the materials were taken at the maximum value. (Missile test all answered correctly) All other materials overflowed throughout the process except for wood.
Today, after the last round of 36 boxes(2 bad missile = 6 boxes), only one good missile was left. However, I still ran out of wood. Does the announcement that you can exchange for two large vehicles mean that they force you to buy a little material at the end?

You can get 30 boxes with materials each day only. You have maxed out your limit yesterday, but you still have today to get what you want. You still have about 12 hours to go. After that you can sell/buy any materials on the (black) market.

If gaijin is unwilling to give me the wood, he can directly state it in the announcement that( Even if you participate throughout, you won’t get the second big reward) I am willing to buy the wood at market instead of wasting a day to pack last 30 boxes ,To get a bunch of other materials that have already overflowed,To find out that I wasted time today by stagnation

You can just play few more matches, especially if you are doing the BP. The missing parts will come eventually. No need to buy anything for now. Also, I hope you used up the 20 empty crates to sell some of your stuff. I wish I started selling the moment these empty crates started dropping. Back then the prices were around 70 cents per material. Still sold some of the materials for around 30 cents soon after. Now it’s all 10 cents.

This is interesting because I got two top prizes while also selling 20 different materials (as many as the game would let me) and failing at guessing about 70% of the unsuccessful missile tests (thus mostly getting one crate instead of three for that) - and I have still ended up with enough materials to build one and a half extra missiles just to see how far I could go after two top prizes. So I guess you are just unlucky.

No, he was maxed at 360, no more mats were going to drop. Only option is to buy the 4 wood. Just unlucky on the RNG.


I did full event. Maxed out crates, etc. Answered all malfunctions correctly.

I’ve only logged in to ask why there are so many left over mats after crafting two majors

All these spare mats and only given 20 tradable containers.

Not sure how you don’t have enough for two majors, though.

Thank you for helping me answer the question concisely

I also want to know

You were very unlucky, I built the LOSAT on the first 6 days with all tests with correct report, then stopped playing for 2 days but then I decided that I might still had a chance to go for the second high tier vehicle, played 3 more complete days and one day with 24 crates. I haven’t played the last day of the event, so in total I missed 3 whole days, October 2nd, 3rd and 8th. I had made my own spreadsheet for this event and knew exactly what I needed to end the vehicles, so I bought a few of the materials I was missing but I ended selling a lot more that I had not used. I also sold 1x Level 1 Factory Upgrade(4.97GJN) and 2x Level 2 Factory Upgrades(3.15GJN), and I also sold a Development progress report(3.79GJN) cause I ended getting one from the crates. I ended buying a Development progress report for 2.63GJN so I wouldn’t have to play on the last day, for less than I sold mine.
I ended building my second higher tier vehicle and still earned GJN while missing 3 days of the event. Still have a few materials on sale in the Gaijin Market. And I also earned around 12M SL during the event without using premium vehicles.

Since the Gaijin Market was created all events are meant for the use of the market, on the first event they made since market exists, the Tiger and Kincobra one, it was simply impossible to get both rewards on PC without using the Gaijin Market.

I’m against the Gaijin Market btw, always was.

I hate RNG:(

Just adding this to show that I’ve built the two majors and have all those left over mats.

Really seems like something more than RNG went wrong for you.

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You’re limited in selling mats by needing tradable containers to even list them on the market. You get given 20 of them. You could buy them I guess? but that takes away the point of selling mats at 0.10GJN.

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You are right, I forgot about that limitation that Gaijin added. Impossible to get the 3 high tier rewards without using the Gaijin Market then.

You’ll be shocked to learn that it took me two attempts to get a successful rocket for the first three times but now the event had ended, my fourth rocket failed on both the first two goes and of course now if I want the F100 I will either have to buy it or buy all the stuff to see if I can get the rocket to work this time.

What a complete surprise THAT was…

? First two rockets always fail. Third is always a success. 9 Rocket launches per a major. There is no surprise, it is the same for everyone. It was a grindy event, you had to put many hours into it.

To make you feel better. That F-100F was the worst possible choice you could make. Pointless to the Chinese tree. Much better jets to use at and around that BR for China.

For me it was only the first one that failed each time so perhaps I just got lucky?

Oh, and the F100 is simply for the completionist in me!

You can only have lost count somehow. It was every third rocket for everyone all the time, no RNG or luck involved.

I got the answer from the official source, just unlucky