[Event] Mad Thunder: Rage and Loot!

“The D point! We’re so close!!!”

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I showed the people who had this idea, they appreciate you noticed!


So tried this fumble of an event.

So far the title is accurate because it is very much rage inducing and bug riddled.

3rd spawn always bugs my camera and view keybinds out so my gun/freelook are all fixed in a forwards position. And I CANNOT EXTRACT!

Extract campers having insane advantage
Extracts literally next to enemy spawn and their priority loot areas. Sometimes even my second extract is in the SAME spot down south by the enemy spawn/big loot area.

Slow-firing 40mm gun deals horrible damage, had to shoot the same driver 3 times to make it go dead.

Unplayable without a squad that handholds each other through the bugs and extract campers.

Ergo its a ton of wasted manpower and work hours for a horrible solo experience, meh rewards.
Instead, fix the reskinned red light district, Polland map. Or better just take it out of the game.


Oh wow, thanks! :D


Update/changes for anyone who didn’t see:

Hopefully this helps:

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Something feels to have changed with the damage models. In the solid and powerful Boar for instance, I have been one shot over 3 times now (and not with a recoilless rifle, or the Rhino, but by the first 3 vehicles with normal machine guns.) What’s the point of using the armored up vehicles if they get one shot every time? Ugggggggggg…

Edit: Yeah, something is wrong. When I first got the upgraded Boars days ago, it would take a few clips to finally kill me. Now I’m getting sniped+one shot almost every time. Even while on the move at full speed.

Edit 2: Ok so I looked at the internal ammo storage in game, and the Boars with the recoilless rifle have the extra ammo that can blow up, so that makes more sense, but still doesn’t explain why the Solid Boar goes up in a single shot. I still think something is wrong with the damage/ammo models.

Edit 3: Alright, wake me up when major changes are made. Imo, the part retention after death needs to be raised to at least 50%, it is going to be nearly impossible to get the rewards with most of the players camping, doing no useful “work” and feeding off the “hard work” of others.

PS: I think the devs need to take a look at the W/L ratio for the Echidna, something changed with its ammo and it is WAY overpowered right now. One shotting all types of other vehicles, especially the Boars. I’ll try again after a new round of changes are made, till then, this is still a horrid toxic waste of time. There was a camper last night bragging about how he already had ALL of the items/rewards/vehicles, but was still playing just to grief all the other players. That’s the reality of trying to do anything in this event right now.

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3rd vehicle spawn still buggs out and renders the mouse useless by disabling the camera and rendering any view (driver’s view) useless. Basically, I can only spawn twice with the third being a useless unplayable mess. can only drive and shoot, nothing else

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Wasn’t grindy and not greedy enough.
To bad this events were so much fun
This game turned into how to pleased marketing dep instead of making game to have loots of ppl playing and having fun. They could go Warframe way of monetization but noooo they had to fomo greed.


Here we go, got a replay showing camping is still rampant, and getting one shot by an Echidna while using the Solid Boar while both of us are on the move. Again, something is broken about the Echidna’s ammo, and/or people are aim botting. It shouldn’t be possible to get one shot like this in the Solid Boar (ARMORED) by a normal machine gun, especially while both players are moving. I have been getting one shot in the Boar 90% of the time in the last 24 hours.

Replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Camping player is “deadeyz” you can see he goes immediately to our exfiltration zone to camp.

One shot, directly into my ammo, and he didn’t even aim (zoom/sniper view not used). Looks like possible aimbotting to me:

I have a very hard time believing that a player this new is just “that good” at aiming:

Session ID: 2a3a7e500184225

Whatever the case is with this player though, camping is still rampant and makes getting loads of parts to the exfiltration zones nearly impossible.


So it seems like this event takes the spot of a vehicle event, Gaijin not being strong on communication as usual, but if there were a vehicle event it should have been announced by now.

Asked and answered: [Development] Introducing War Thunder’s New Event Cycle - #600

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So gaijin decided to make a bunch of improvements after I had already sworn off of this event. I went back in today and gotta say that the Reptile having is spawn cost is still dumb.

Wish I could get “truck” as decal


nope, get taken out by the gauss guns of the enemies boars mostly, and the little rat car porcupine.

ive strafed up and down the length of a stationary boar from 50-100m, still not killed it.

the game is bullshit, simple as.

considering this is a post apocalyptic mad max kinda thing, dont you think it odd that there are loads of vehicle parts and electronics, but sod all actual scrap metal??

i would think there would be far more scrap metal lying around than actual vehicle parts and working circuit boards and the like

look at all those pylons, scrap cars around the place, oil tanks etc…but minimal scrap metal???

doesnt make any sense at all.

ive got electronics coming out my ears

what is wrong with the armadillo view selection?
you get third person, aiming sights, but hit it again you get a blanked out screen with an aiming sight?


Is it on console? Can’t seem to find it

Idk why this mode is getting so much hate from the community, this is genuinely some of the most fun I’ve had in war thunder in a while.


It’s a bit better now after they made multiple changes and adjustments. However, the first couple of days were nothing but exfiltration zone campers. Also at the start if you got killed while holding parts that you had spent time collecting you got 0%. They changed it so you now keep 20% after death and/or at the end of the match if you don’t make it to an exfiltration point.

The exfil camping issue really needs addressed, especially the A1/northwest exfil. The team that spawns in the east has a five minute drive to that point and has to do a last-section dash through a valley. The enemy has plenty of time to set up on the hills on both sides of the valley behind cover. It is frustrating to trudge so far, only to be gunned down by three Boars meters away from making it out.

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