Mad Thunder

  • Color differences have been added to the Mad Thunder event loot models to make it easier to visually distinguish the different types of resources.
  • Areas in the Forgotten Lands event map where you could get stuck have been fixed.
  • In the Team Battle mode, the enemy team’s extraction zones have been given an out of bounds area until the arrival of the sandstorm, where when this happens all extraction zones become available to both teams.

Ground Vehicles

  • Black Prince — a bug that caused neutral steering to be very slow has been fixed. (Report)

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Are Gaijin looking for play testers?

There are so many things to point out as wrong when new game modes/new mechanics gets released. Things that i find super obvious and wonder how they missed them before releasing to the public.

I would gladly volunteer as a play tester.


Everyone is a playtester.


There’s a gaijin dev server that gets put out a week or two before every major update, plenty of players bug report obvious issues before the update and they still don’t get fixed, i wouldn’t waste your free time if i was you.

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reduce the amount of players, there’s too much of them (8 should be a maximum, it’s supposed to be a wasteland, not a battlefield). Buff the mule, it’s just freekill and unusable since people focus you. revert the recoilless rifle to it’s original state or switch it’s heat for hesh. Nerf echidna, it’s just too op now that everything else got nerfed to the ground (it can kill you easily at 1km, nice balancing…). Increase the ammount of exits (theres 4 while 6 is the least needed). In summary make the event FUN. Spawning to get sniped by echidnas after 30 seconds is just frustrating.


I know that, but for events there is no dev server.
And if they had actual play testers they could test things and have input WAY before dev server goes live.
Most things reported on dev server are vehicle inaccurasies.

Just be amazed at how quickly changes are introduced to this event while there are many long-standing issues with the game that need sorted out.

New addition just added to this update note.


Thank you very much for making the exfil zones out of bounds till the end. Will definitely be playing this a bunch today now, cheers!

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New addition to this update note, just added now.


Is that hot fix to the hot fix?

Not able to test right now but finally it appears pre-sandstorn extraction zones may be a little safer to approach rather than being guaranteed rage farmer camps. Yay! (or it would be if I hadn’t already run out of enthusiasm for the event)

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They should be somewhat safer now yes. Enemies (in team mode only) are not able to directly go inside of your extraction zone now, as they’re out of bounds.

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Spawnkilling was literally the sole reason why i never tried this event. But now that this is resolved (i hope so) i can try it. Let’s hope that this safemode will apply to normal battles as well (preventing spawnkill if there are more than a certain % of points left)

Aaaand now the Black Prince is very very good.

This is the best one yet, it was almost unplayable at the start of a match because of exit camping.

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I think the fixes they have done are very easy and quick. and since its an event with fictional vehicles the values have no real meaning other than balance.
the regular vehicles have to go through WAY more vetting before changes are implemented as the sources need to be checked and if the change is moderate to big it might impact the BR of the vehicle.

But with that said there are som longstanding general game bugs that have taken forever for them to fix and that are still not fixed.

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