Event F-100F, prepare to suffer (based on DEFYN review)

When Will We Get Proper Air Rewards Gaijin? The F-100F Aint it:

Characteristics & armament:

F-100F pros:

  • better secondaries variety vs F-100A (literally same as for US F-100D)
  • Chaff pods (with no flares)

US F-100D vs F-100F secondaries comparison:



WOW, looks so ✨special✨, just a US F-100D with chaff pods…

F-100F cons (versus F-100D):

  • less guns (only 2)
  • less ammo per gun (175 vs 200)
  • much heavier

…and with much worse flight/combat performance 🧱

General applicable cons:

  • anything of 9.3 BR automatically get 🧲 to most ⚖️ 💰 jet in ARB at 10.3
  • carrying a rocket pod as flares still makes you a target for mid-map cAAncer, despite you are not going to CAS anything (recent change to AA mechanics)

Food for thoughts

So, we getting a US F-100D with Chaff pods and worsen attacker frame with no counter balancing buffs while devs concerned to not to give it AIM-9Ps to not to increase it’s BR.
If DEFYN struggle with something - other pilots are going to be doomed in that plane even harder. And I am ready to greet a deadborn ☠️ vehicle, as usual.

Hopes and possibilities

If devs will gather their statistics a bit quicker (like only a month instead of Whole Damn Year) and will see what we already know, maybe this thing could be revived by:

  • reducing BR to 9.0 (which will turn daily life of 8.0 into hell 🔥
  • increasing BR to 9.7 alongside with giving it’s Aim-9Ps - which will make the prize decently unique
    OR by:
  • experimenting with different AIM-9Ps quantities (while preserving BR) like:
    • 2 AIM-9P only
    • 2 AIM-9P + 2 AIM-9E/B
    • 4 AIM-9P


Do you agree with the Post (in general):

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Do you agree with DEFYN’s review:

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Event F-100F is:

  • Overpowered
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Underperforming
  • Deadborn

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P.S. Found out that you cannot add/create a #balance tag for a post 🤔

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Just remember whenever you see reviews like this, these youtubers have a monetary incentive to lie about these vehicles, and make them seem better or worse than they actually are, because drama creates more traction. They cherrypick footage to support whatever narrative they want to push.


Hmm, I though they montage best footage they got too seem best of the best, but ok

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The thing is Defyn’s we’ll know fighter jock, and F-100F is literally stated by Gaijin that’s being added due to it being a CAS plane. So it was never going to get a good review from him.


Forecasting F-100F to be bad at CAS also. It would be better to get just a pure copy of US F-100D since event one won’t be able to doge heat missiles from ground SPAAs.

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Exactly what my first thoughts were anyways, another F-100 that has no place in the game, not giving it missiles or flares just means it’s another victim to those that do, it has zero redeeming qualities and it’s not even cool or unique.

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F-100F is complently DOA because Gaijin ruined 8.7 and higher BR matchmakers since F-104A was implemented in the game.

If 9.7BR hardcaps still existed and 9.3BR or 9.7BR flareless subsonic jet such as Hunter FGA.9 and CL-13B Mk.6 was meta in 9.7-8.7BR blanket, the F-100F could have been a pretty decent 9.7BR aircraft.


Well first of all, to have recently played F-100D, i knew F-100F wasn’t going to be much better.

If you add AIM-9P (even 2 of them) your BR will automatically bump to 10.0 → therefore being even more useless

I feel more balance the current implementation, as the F-100F only purpose was trainning.

It is currently a good aircraft for whoever want a 9.3 CAS aircraft,… as the amount of bombs is higher than F-100D (8 snakeye instead of 6 for F-100D) while having a capabilty to counter any CAS (AIM-9E in GRB are very potent missile for that BR)

So,… overall
The prize ain’t going to be great, but it is playable.
The prize is similar to any other aircraft in game Right Now.

The prize only for those absolutely willing to have a JET,… while it is clear that the absolute reward is the MGM-166 on board the LOSAT, for the same amount of tickets.

Therefore → i don’t care about F-100F, it will disappear in days,…
I have fear however, that LOSAT might be a too low BR.

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Japanese T-2 and F-1 were given AIM-9Ps without any “BR bumping” and for a reason I highlighted “attacker frame” coz missile performance strongly depends on it’s carrier - the reason why Attacker class in game receives more powerful missiles at their BR. AIM-9P for F-100F is a matter of time, question is about how long it have to suffer.

With Sneakeyes you probably be kidding, won’t even comment on that useless weapon type.

In real life there are many vehicles with many different roles but in WT their role is drastically narrowed to fighting vehicles - you have nothing to train, except coping skills of course 😂

It is not a “CAS aircraft” due to pathetic amount of guided munitions which should help keep the “training frame” away from heat missiles it can’t doge. Just compare CAS capabilities with A-4E/B and FJ-4Bs and their BR.


From what I saw from reviews - it’s just broken (missile dives coz silly gaijin “realism” with no touch to real life at all). That’s same old song like with other things when problem not in vehicle’s BR but in spoiled balance generally, maps, damage models (both armor and shells), etc.

They already at those BR required to have at least flare or good miqqiles T-2/F-1 have none of that.

AIM-9P at 9.3 would definetly overpressure lower BR so hard that the game wouuld meet anothzr demise.

Do not insult people.

Lol, the most valuable skill for playing WT, unfortunately not an insult but truth 😭

but the issue is the the air rewards are usually cas.

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The even more ridiculous thing is a fully Deadborn state in both Air and Ground game modes due to 1.worse flight performance; 2.almost exactly the same secondary ordnance as of US F-100D; 3.without increased amount of bullpups that might (in theory) try to compensate; 4.inability to evade heat missiles from ground.

This plane placement should be in TT at most and ppl would prefer to avoid it.

You’re right about everything except…

The idea of adding more power creep by adding 9Js to a 9.3 supersonic jet is crazy.