Event/BP Warbonds Trophy for Console

No, I can’t because I have to PAY MONEY. That is the difference you must not be seeing. Marketplace vehicles require MONEY, not special task medals.

It doesn’t matter how many special task medals it costs, it still is free currency. Unlike the marketplace where you must PAY MONEY.

Not as impossible as you trying to circumvent the marketplace by getting marketplace vehicles FOR FREE while others must PAY MONEY.

I’m unreasonable because I don’t want people to get vehicles FOR FREE that I (and every other PC player) would have to PAY MONEY for.

You think the system in place isn’t fair because PC has the marketplace but consoles don’t, but want to make it even by letting consoles, and consoles only, earn those vehicles FOR FREE while other players must PAY MONEY. Address this issue with Sony so they can understand that their customers want the marketplace, otherwise you won’t get it until you do a PC transfer.

If you made the trophy’s more like the ones available during events for SL, I’d be all for it. Console has the short end of the stick so I see no issue with them having the box be a “permanent” addition to the Warbond shop for console players

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A permanent SL trophy wouldn’t be horrible so long as it could be reworked as the current ones are horrible. The best it could be done is getting rid of wagers and orders, making it so not every single booster was timed especially if you get a 150/300/500%, and fix the drop rates so an uncommon vehicle didn’t have the same drop rate as an ultra rare vehicle.

Nothing has been set in stone yet. It’s all still up for discussion. So unless you know some insider stuff. You’re jumping the gun on that statement.

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“Third Party Marketplace”. Those are launchers. Because the Gaijin Marketplace is technically not a part of War Thunder since it isn’t solely accessed through the game it is considered third party. Gaijin has previously asked Microsoft about the Marketplace and the response was neutrality; if it comes it comes if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Also worth saying Phil Spencer has talked about getting Steam onto Xbox since I believe 2020 but it hasn’t gone anywhere yet.