Event/BP Warbonds Trophy for Console

This is my 5th time trying to do a post like this however the suggestion mods seem to hate anything that will make the console side better for players. So for your reading pleasure and for consideration to help fine tune this idea. Much as the title alludes to, I am here to recommend a special warbonds trophy for console due to the inability to access the marketplace. This trophy would only be purchasable on console and would give non-transferable direct to account vehicles. The rewards would be all previous event vehicles and battle pass vehicles. My two recommendations are as follows,
Rank I-III 15 Special task medals 1800 warbonds
Rank IV-VI 20 Special task medals 3600 warbonds
Rank VII-VIII 25 Special task medals 3600 warbonds.
Recommendation plan 2: on console vehicles have rarity levels that are color coded with Green, Blue, and Purple. Vehicles like the recent Ki-48-II Otsu and Sd.Kfz.251/10 are green, the Sd. Kfz234/1 and HMS Mohawk are blue, the IS-7 and the LOSAT are purple.
Green vehicles 10 Special task medals and 1200 warbonds
Blue vehicles 15 Special task medals and 1800 warbonds
Purple vehicles 25 Special task medal and 3600 warbonds
I thank anyone and everyone who adds to this discussion.

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So I have to pay real money to buy a marketplace vehicle, but you can earn them with free in game currency? Yea, that makes complete sense.


We don’t have access to the marketplace. Sony doesn’t allow 3rd party marketplaces and won’t allow Xbox to have it either. In this regard a console player would have to 1. pay with their sanity 2. Couldn’t transfer their account over to PC and just sell it and 3. I literally said in the post we don’t have the marketplace. We have no way but the silver crates to get older event vehicles.

It is 15 Special Task medals and 3400 warbonds for a rank 3 4.7 tank, the T-14. You want it to be the same amount of warbonds to get an IS-7 which is at a buy price of 1500 GJC or 1500USD. You’re absolutely insane. Go to your console manufacturer and make them do something about it. It’s their fault that the marketplace isn’t available to you. I’m sorry you can’t get previous event vehicles, but the suggestion you’ve come up with is wildy unfair to everyone who would have to pay money for these vehicles. If you want the marketplace so bad transfer your account to PC and use it.

Getting a 1500USD vehicle for the almost same effort as a 15USD premium tank because your console manufacturer refuses to allow the marketplace. What an idea.

  1. Account transfers are no longer offered. (It appears they were offered not long ago after a multi year hiatus)
  2. Sony is the controlling party for the console client as they were the first to pick up war thunder.
  3. You cry foul because an idea is being offered but not crying foul that Sony denies both consoles access to the marketplace.
  4. Please refer to the first plan recommendation instead of basically not reading at all.
  5. In both plans the IS-7 would cost 25 Special task medals and 3600 warbonds. 3600 warbonds is what Gaijin gave console players if they had more than 1 redeemable IS-7 coupon.
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So you missed your chance for now. Wait like everyone else had to. I waited for like 8 months.

Well, it seems you already know who you need to contact.

Go cry to Sony. It isn’t Gaijins fault, or mine that your console manufacturer won’t allow it. I waited for my chance to transfer to PC, and I did it within 2 days of it being opened back up.

If any vehicle is available for warbonds then there needs to be a purchase requirement equal to the marketplace price to allow that event vehicle to be purchased with the warbonds.

I don’t care what Gaijin gave console players if they had more than one. It’s their property to do with what they wish. Those players couldn’t do anything with the extra coupons anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Everyone wants these event vehicles, why do you think people pay money for them on the marketplace? Earning them for warbonds and special tasks is absolutely asinine.

Don’t even get me started on the abuse of this system that would happen. One battlepass cycle and people would be selling console accounts with IS-7s and the like for 100s if not 1000s of dollars.

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Something of the sort would be nice for both Xbox and PlayStation

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You quite literally cannot say in one moment that it needs to be equivalent and then in the next moment

say you DON’T CARE to what Gaijin effectively has set the price to. Gaijin decided when they gave console players the maximum amount of warbonds for IS-7 coupons they set the warbond price for it.

Gaijin doesn’t set the prices. Players do.

Why don’t you provide an answer to this? Tell me how this won’t be abused for monetary gain by shady people.

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Sorry isn’t it their property to do with what they wish? Or were you simply confused?

You seem to think this doesn’t happen with PC accounts.

What are you talking about? It’s is a contraction of it is. Reread the sentence. Isn’t is not present at all in that quote.

Also, don’t beat around the bush about this:

Please address it, it is a MASSIVE flaw in your earn marketplace vehicles for free in game currency idea.

I didn’t say it didn’t. I want you to explain how this earn marketplace vehicles for earned in game currency will not be abused. If a PC player wants a marketplace vehicle, they simply pay for it instead of purchasing an account with one.

English doesn’t appear to be your first language. Also I did already respond but your ability to read seems to be impaired.

You can try to insult me all day, I don’t mind. It just means you don’t have the mental capacity to argue your point like an adult.

Except you are calling it a flaw when account selling is 1. already banned by Gaijin ToS and Microsoft ToS not that, that has stopped PC sellers from doing it since the very first event vehicle and especially for E-100 accounts. So are you also going to prostrate yourself to Smin or BVVD about what they are doing to stop account sellers whenever an tournament is held with the E-100 as a prize?

How are you going to fix the problem of account sales caused by your idea? None of this other account selling stuff matters because YOUR IDEA will cause it to become worse. Why would Gaijin add something that is going to allow players to abuse the system for monetary gain?

Also I apologize but you aren’t being insulted no matter how much you try to be a victim. Your question itself is however just stupid given again any tournament held by Gaijin with a prize like the AMX-50 Surblinde or the E-100 is teeming with account sellers trying to win the tank to then resell the account.

It’s no wonder the forum staff never approved this for the suggestions. You haven’t even thought about the negative repercussions it would bring, and want to shift the blame onto Gaijin for everything when they WANT the marketplace to be on console, but Sony doesn’t.

So since this happens, one would be correct to assume that if console accounts could grind these expensive vehicles for free just by playing the game, then more people would try to sell accounts. You would be making the situation worse. Whether or not you think it is a stupid question is irrelevant because this system’s implementation will cause more issues than it will fix.

Either badger Sony to allow the marketplace, transfer your account when it is available, or deal with the fact that you can’t get the marketplace vehicles by any other way than the loot boxes. You aren’t entitled to be able to receive those vehicles just because you want them. You have to deal with the choices you’ve made for accessing the game through a partner instead of a direct account with the publisher.

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Yea, delete your post calling me a Karen because I disagree with your idea and you can’t handle it. You’re the one that thinks they somehow deserve access to whatever they want through free in game currency because their console of choice doesn’t allow the marketplace.

If that is what you want to think but no you are what many would call a Karen. You are absolutely outraged at an idea because as already stated Gaijin has refused to implement anything for the console side because of a single company. The only thing you have done this far is cry like a child about account sellers when they are already an issue that gaijin routinely handles and so do Microsoft/Sony. At the end of the day you are just malding because someone else is able to do something that you can’t.