Event and time requirements /Tiny rant

This is not really a rant, more like an observation. So, these events are pretty cool because, although grindy, they allow the players to earn interesting rewards, possibly earn some Gjn in the process etc.
And when you play naturally as you plan to do anyways it’s not overly noticeable - but when you need to go out of your way to do it, playing several hours for few weeks it becomes serious requirement. Here’s the thing: If I have invested 16-20 days of my time by playing 20-ish games per day like I am committing to this event, I could grind the entire French techtree, getting proper non slightly nerfed Mirage 2K and Mirage 4K as well.
Now, if this even reward was unique (it isn’t really) or if I plan on selling it (I don’t) this event would make sense for me : )

I understand that devs wanna increase engagement metric, all that is fine and yes, I would play WT anyway, (but now I HAVE to play it, not the same thing ; ) But making your entire player base frustrated and sick of your game does not seem like a great plan for me. My point is - I would appreciate less grindy events …make them either shorter (1 week)or less demanding. Or keep the requirements but make the vehicles premiums. Because this does not make too much sense tbh.

Here, the opportunity to grind, so that you can grind (spade) more! This is so Gaijin : ) Here take this quiz so you could spend - more money! Here, buy this battle pass so you could - grind even harder and the things you don’t like! I swear they will never change : )

  1. I am not sure if you can grind the entire french plane tree with the parameters you mention.

  2. I agree with you that it seems a bit unclear as to the motives people have when participating. The high tier non-premiums are simply an option to get the plane without having the tree. Perhaps that is their most important trait?

  3. I would agree that offering premium vehicles might be the better solution from the player perspective. But this would automatically lead to a proliferation of “free” premiums. We had this before, with the result that many premiums had their incomes reduced to or below free levels, which is even less useful that having a regular vehicle.

  4. There are events with premium vehicles (BP). And with my logic from 3., these aren’t free. I did participate in the last battle pass, because I wanted that premium jet plane. As I played out that “event” to completion, the next event will be free for me. To me, that is a fair deal.

  5. Perhaps we should consider other options in public events: give the event plane out for 8 stars. And with 10 stars, you could either “sell it” or “get a talisman” on it or “get it spaded”. That would be more interesting to me. Perhaps to you too?

well, i could understand it, would people complain about grinding the tanks, but the 40k points for the plane took me a bit more than 1 hour to grind and im surely not the best player …

Events are way too grindy, they should at least not pretend it’s some community type event for everyone and some sort of celebration when it really just ruins your holidays by spending all of it playing WT.


Other games give out cool things and reward people, hand out gifts, Gaijin just as usual gives you the opportunity to waste your time and money on the game.


Sure but the grind requirement should not be similar as entire techtree.

Also, a very gaijin moment.

Sure, that’s fine.

Honestly, this seems like a great idea, therefore, it will never be implemented.
Remember, the pain is the part of the game ; )

I have no issues in grind requirements. Sure there are better machines for higher game scores but on average, even if you just wanna play whatever and not constrain yourself, 20-ish matches per day is totally achievable, but i was speaking in general.

Recently we had TOG event, which again was 2 weeks of intense tank grinding, for mid-tier, offish, clumsy, non meta meme machine. It’s just too much work man. I was grinding US air tree at the time and tho I do play tanks as well, I was just not ready to commit for that. They ask for too much. They could just have handed the tank to us, WoT does that, but our community seems happy to endure the pain, as if they enjoy it.

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Even as someone not playing WoT and not paying attention to them, the amount of things they seem to hand out and all the little rewards seem infinitely better than what WT does, I don’t recall Gaijin ever giving out anything for free.

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8 stars to get the plane are SURELY not the same as grinding out the tech tree. Keep in mind that premium will not help you when grinding the stars, but it will help you with the tree. But even with premium, you will have the plane long before you have the tree. So using this “argument” doesn’t help to promote your position.

To me, it seems that the grind is designed to actually prevent an individual from getting all the rewards in all three categories. I bet if we had access to player stats, we would find that the 40k points are about average across 2 days for an active player. Meaning, an average player, who doesn’t hang out on the forums like us, has a family and a job, and plays about an hour a day (if that), will be able to get a “free” plane from not changing their pattern.
Those of us (and I do mean “us”) who have more time to dedicate find the time excessive because we are dedicating it to game modes we don’t normally play. I, for instance, will NOT be trying to get the Vilkas because I hate tanks and that game mode is… annoying to me. But I’m more than willing to play 3 hours to get the plane and boat marks.
In a sense, the events are free for those who aren’t obsessive about obtaining every free item Gaijin offers. Personally, I get 2 free planes and a free ship. Happy holidays to me!

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They could easily make it so players can only pick a single vehicle instead of having to restrict them through time, it’s what they do for the crafting event already anyways.

Only it has nothing to do about caring if players get 1 vehicle or not, why would it matter if we got all vehicles or not? It’s just to drive marketplace profits.

Wanna bet? FRA TT is not big and 3 weeks is a lot of time, even for casual 3-4 hr/day sessions.
Dude from my discord needed 47 hours and 06 minutes to get JA37C at 11.0
After that all you have is D and the Grippen. Done.

Also do not forget, servers are in sad sorry state. Ping is all over the place. PL is sometimes 40% sometimes zero. Why forcing the people to play intensively when you clearly cannot accommodate it?
Also, events promote toxic gameplay and selfish, greedy vehicles and behavior.

The same way they should cut off RP demands for last 3-4 TT tiers by 30-50%, they should relinquish grind demands for event for the same amount.

Well, Wot only gives out trash tanks for free, and the grind events here are way less time consumming to grind then in WoT. I mean, i never grind the ones for troll vehicels, why bother wasting your time for stuff you never gonna play anyways, also people that grind them to sell them for money, maybe go look for a job, thats more effective. Also, like i said above already, the only grind that takes long is tanks, if your a good navel player, you can do it in 2 to 3 games and the plane takes a bit of over an hour to grind.

How in the heck

We are talking about 8 stars. That is under 16 hours.

And the Ja37C is not in the french tech tree, is it?

Highly doubt people take 2h per star.

20K score in 1 hour? And you’re saying i’m being optimistic.

So what? If you can climb one tree you can climb the other. SWE tree is small but so is FRA.

Just got out of an air arcade with some tier 4. First place in 15 minutes netted me 1,992/40,000.

play 12.3 air RB, round takes 3 to 5 min with good multiplier on points …

No such aircraft.