Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

Kuwait and Qatar’s Tranche 3As have it as well


hmm smells like a CAPTOR-E thing then


I’m fairly certain it’s an antenna for the ILS system. VOR/LOC/GS antenna
Possibly moved from the radome in order to accommodate ECRS

are you a game developer? no

do you have detailed insight into the Game developers intents to implement anything? no

do you have any sources that prove that this will be a problem in the game at a future point in time? again no

because you do not posess the position to make official gaijin statements that means that I will interpret every single of your claims as a deeply personal unfounded opinion to wich I can disagree

sincerely: someweirdname


Then it has even more thrust if there is nothing draging it and others down. Thats good too. Mach 1.8 at all altediudes here we come xD


No, I am relaying what the game’s developers stated.

No, I am relaying what the developers themselves said.

The developers stated that they will not model this as an intentional decision, while they have gone back on their decisions in the past I find it unlikely they will make this change.

You’re very correct, I do not work for Gaijin. I am however discussing what the developers have stated.

Next time, ask for the source instead of being obtuse.

The top speed of the airframe when clean will still be the limit with mounted ordnances. I very much doubt the Eurofighter is capable of 1.8 mach at lower altitudes. @Gunjob what can we expect for max speed ASL or 1km?

Eurofighter advertise the top speed at sea level as Mach 1.25 / 826 kts.


Limited by power or airframe? Because if it’s an airframe limitation it’ll (probably) mean that the EF2000 would benefit from the VnE multiplayer on top of that

I can’t see the airframe limit being any higher than that.

1.25 sounds too perfect to be anything but an FCS limit

Maybe there is a limitation due to them wanting to protect the RAM coatings on the leading edges.

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You did not rspond to what he wrote.

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because he mig23 is writing nothing noteworthy in the first place and doesnt provide sources so yeah


You didn’t even ask, just assumed I was making stuff up. I even told you it was the game developers decision to not properly model ordnance drag.

Here it is from two different official sources

In regards to whether or not it is noteworthy, it most certainly is.

Coming sooner than you think ;)

I am only refering to the response I quoted.
He said the effect of Eurofighter supercruising will not be as pronounced in game as it might be in real life since the average cruising speed in game is much higher than it would be irl because drag is not modelled correctly.
In my opinion many other aspects are playing into this are as well.
So the advantage of a Eurofighter maneuvering at transonic speeds with high g-loads likely will not be depicted properly.
It might do it better than some other jets in game due to thrust alone but due to many real life limitations which do not exist in game it’s advantages at the speeds it is designed for will not matter as much.

Responding to that with what you posted was akin to comparing dried apples with orange confiture.

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So I can see that some German Eurofighter do have the IRST PIRATE

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oh that a new picture from the amraam tests, but yeah it isnt the first we have plenty other pictures
like this one with the brimstones already a few years old as well
besides that you are looking at the ipa 03.

Its the 2 seater test eurofighter, they arent specificaly part of the german army but are development testing eurofighters


Edit:(Yes, thats a sentence)

so will germany get irst in war thunder? (would be good enough for balancing considering warthunder already added fictional f16 to japan) And germany suffers