Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

German typhoon should get pirate anyway as some of the German ones had it. Wierd to say but maybe pirate should be a researchable module so you can take it off if you want, though idk why you would aside from extremely minor aerodynamic improvements.

PIRATE being researchable would actually… make a lot of sense?

Germany after all holds the rights to install it on their EFTs anytime they want, since it is a modular system.

Well and there are even pictures of some luftwaffe typhoons with pirate though. Its just not everyone got it. Seems like it was sorta random from what I remember reading.

Pirate is on the aircraft of WTD 61, all flying a 98+XX identification
98+03: IPA 3
98+07: IPA 7
98+08: IPA 8

98+29: DA 1
98+30: DA 5

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not always
its a modular aircraft so they install and uninstall it whenever they want

the DA1 only had a mockup, DA5 never had it afaik, IPA7 and 8 likely never took it off though

Seems it will likely hinge on if the Devs treat the use of the system on the IPA airframes justification for adding them to the in service versions when they come to the game.

Consequently it would likely be more beneficial to get a kitted out IPA airframe for the German addition than the current version in service. That would at least bring it closer to the RAF/IAF Typhoons.


yeah the IPA7 still lacks LWS for example

I suspect it will go down like the F-5C, given they’re a family of aircraft. It would equal them all out pretty well.

According to MBDA, the Bw plans to buy Brimstones for the Lw.
They say “newest version” so I’d assume Brimstone III. No mention of a platform but its likely to be for EF considering that Tornado is slated to be replaced soonish and because Brimstone is likely not integrated on the German Tornado variants.


Who knows…

maybe, maybe not. worth noting that Tornado is no longer considered category A so its either out of the picture or low risk

Time will tell. It’s supposed to be replaced by 2030 which is when F-35 and Typhoon ECR will take over but I’m not sure that will happen by then, in which case it might be decided to enhance Tornado’s combat capabilities in the meantime.

This reminds me of all of the bug reports on the bagel that are “not a bug.”

or all the acknowledged bug reports that gaijin is dragging their feet on fixing, like the AIM-54C missing a reduced smoke motor, or the Puma missing over 50% of its armor in some places…

To be fair, fixing AIM-54C’s smokeless motor as well as its acceleration would make it broken at this point. And AIM-54 is nothing new in terms of what’s being held back. Magic 2 being 50G, or AS-30L missing its inertial guidance, or AS-30L missing an interchangeable X-12 warhead are some of the few examples off the top of my head.

Gaijin will “fix” some of these missiles once they deem that they’re appropriate to come.

But consistently asking for the AIM-54C to be broken before everyone else has their fox 3s would be unfair.

How so? The thing only effective against players that borderline ACTIVELY fly into it. Even with a low smoke motor, itd still be pretty visible at high alt where contrails form, and it still gives an RWR warning when active. I fail to see how a missile that is only effective against players that are borderline afk would suddenly be broken if it got a low smoke motor and some acceleration fixes.

Also, if that was their issue, they could just tell us its currently for balancing purposes instead of just ignoring the issue or telling us we don’t understand very unambiguous technical documents and reports.

Magic 2 has already received a wealth of changes and is a very respectable air to air missile at this point, while the AS-30L is also an incredibly strong ground attack munition. I do agree they should receive their realistic capabilities, but to pretend they’re in the same situation as a missile that is borderline useless as anything but a skill check for the absolute worst of the worst air players is a bit disingenuous…

Yet again, bit of a difference between asking for something like the low smoke motor to be implemented alongside the other missiles that are categorically better at their respective jobs that received their low smoke motors (AIM-9M/AGM-65D) and asking for every single issue of the AIM-54C to be fixed right away.

Off topic at this point anyways, the point was gaijins handling of well documented bugs, acknowledged or not is pretty opaque and rather spotty and unreliable.

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No disagreeing with you on that, but it’d be a controversial statement for Gaijin since the official line according to Smin is that they don’t balance missiles, when they absolutely hold back implementing reports for balance…

The official line when they’re holding reports back is, “The issue is still being investigated.”

I mean, smin also specifically stated recently that the reason all radar missiles were suffering a crippling level of multipath was due to a balancing decision (which i thoroughly disagree with, but whatever, its their game, they can keep handholding the kids using moms credit card money to play top tier while eating sand i guess), so idk how itd suddenly be any more controversial to state a missile was being held back for balancing purposes.

Personnally, I think the F-14B and AIM-54C were added too early by gaijin out of sheer laziness, and can deal with the fact that some features may be being held back for balance, but when gaijin categorically refuses to admit that a reported bug is in fact a balance decision and/or OPENLY contradicts primary or secondary sources (such as with the recent statement regarding the max g-load of stingers and mistrals for example) I dont think theres anything much more controversial than that, and personally believe this is the primary cause of the leaked classified documents phenomena, which gaijin then uses as free advertisement…


I think also one of the reasons for the leaks is because the community by now knows how bad of a job gaijin does in implementing modern vehicles, that theyre either totally gimped or literally unplayable and when we know theyre wrong they can just go “prove it with a source” which we cant do since all of them are classified, and then some people got just so upset and mad at gaijin that they just said “f*ck it” and leaked them, beacuse its literally the only way for gaijin to change something.

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