Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

well ig its conna be wildly better than the su 27 then

aaaaaaaaaaah yeah now that i think about it we had these files abt ECR-90A vs N001 and it was better.

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You also gotta consider that the N001 got into service in 1990. Captor M with the typhoon in the 2000s. 15 years later. Its a newer radar.

I have a question.
How Luftwaffe Aircraft numberings (ex. 46+57 for Tornado) works?
I serched for it, but I cannot found second number’s meaning.

First number means the role of aircraft
1 - Transport aircraft
2 - Fighter
3 - Fighter
4 - Fighter / bomber
5 - Transport aircraft
6 - Special purpose aircraft
7 - Helicopter
8 - Helicopter
9 - Test & experimental aircraft

second number means ???

third and fourth means aircraft’s serial number for that particular type. (ex. 46+57 > 57th Tornado inducted into the Luftwaffe in that particular batch )

sorry for out of topic.

thats just an arbitrary number, likely related to the third and forth. sometimes not though, all mig 29s were 29+xx

Thanks, I see there’s 30+01~42, 30+45~31+22, 31+24~53 and 98+03, 07, 08 for EFs.

there’s also 98+29 (DA1) and 98+30 (DA5)

9X+XX does not necessarily have to be just testing/development, there’s some passenger jets as well like 98+10 and 98+11

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@Faster_Boiiiii sth i learned about in the UK thread, apparently the german one is the only one with the AMK kit, maybe worth adding to this thread since it is special and not existing on the other ones. that being said i think you need to request a mod, there was sth about not being able to edit posts older then 30 days? not sure

i am aware of the AMK and it is listed under IPA7. As far as I know it is not installed on that aircraft right now but was only done for testing.

btw i remember seeing some pictures of LERXs on the DA5 in orange but i cant find any pictures right now…

Editing the post works just fine.

ahhh ok, the way they talked about it in the Uk forum it did sound like german typhoons were actively using it, but it only was a single test aircraft

No it was specifically only the German developmental aircraft that tested it but no nation has bothered purchasing it, the aircraft already flies better than almost any other.

yeah confusion on my part

No worries, I make mistakes all the time.

well it’s being talked abouth here because it could give an advantage to offset the lack of PIRATE

It could for sure in fact with MAWS being added it would probably put it at a better level, although I think the German Eurofighters might end up with PIRATE anyway.

IIRC if Germany doesn’t get PIRATE then the same rule would apply to the AMK as Germany has purchased neither but has mounted them to their test aircraft and reserves the right to mount them at any time.

This is what makes me thing German EF’s will also get PIRATE.

btw I don’t think PIRATE will be that usefull…
lack of LRF is pretty critical issue.
If I have to choose one of them, I will choose AMK without any hesitation.

PIRATE can apparently provide a fairly accurate range estimate to the pilot, without the use of a Laser Range Finder. Understandably EuroFIRST are pretty tight lipped about how exactly the passive ranging system works though.

Thales UK | Air Group | PIRATE - YouTube
LDO_Comm_Datasheet_front_v_4C_R3 (
Leonardo advertises passive ranging…

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I wonder if its just something as simple as a identity recognition system and a cross reference between the known size of the object and its perceived size.

Thatd be the easiest way to passive range imo.

The limited information I’ve found says it takes in a bunch of information from the Eurofighter (heading, XYZ co-ordinates, etc.) along with as much information about the IRST target’s movements as possible. It then runs all that though a bunch of data processing in order to produce an estimate for the range, heading, and speed of the target.

Obviously there’s going to be a whole bunch of detail left out though.

It probably uses Target Motion Analysis. But it will have huge issues with ranging manouvering targets, as the information a passive system can get change too fast