Eurocopter EC-665 Tiger PT5R - The Tiger Gets Its Claws

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PT5R 1

In 1984, Germany and France made a decision to collaborate on the creation of a new combat helicopter to supplement and eventually replace the ageing Bo-105s and Gazelles.To this end, Eurocopter Tiger GmbH was formed in 1985 and work on the Tiger began. In total, five prototypes would be constructed, the first three of these being used to test the aerodynamics and avionics of the Tiger, the fourth being a prototype for the HAP variant, and the final one being a prototype for the UHT. This prototype, the PT5 would eventually be updated to the PT5R and would be the final Tiger prototype before serial production began.

The PT5R being a predecessor to the UHT shares many similarities. The most obvious of these is the OSIRIS mast-mounted sight which enables the weapons officer to have a clear view while potentially being concealed behind terrain. The PT5R also shares it’s armament with the UHT, with the ability to carry a combination of HOT-3 ATGMs, PARS-3 ATGMs, FZ225 70mm rocket pods, or 12.7mm gun pods on the inner pylons, as well as a total of four ATAS on the outer pylons for self defence. Also shared between the two Tigers is the lack of a chin mounted turret, instead being replaced with a FLIR camera for the pilot.

The PT5R being a pre-production prototype however means that some features present on the production model were not available. Firstly, the PT5R lacks both a radar warning receiver and laser warning receiver, the socket where they would be on the production model being plated over. Secondly, the Saphir-M chaff/flare system located on the underside of the fuselage was omitted entirely for the prototypes. This lack of any soft or hard countermeasures means that pilots of the PTR5 will need to rely heavily on its excellent manoeuvrability, mast-mounted sight, and fire-and-forget PARS 3 ATGMS. Additionally, it also lacks any of the improvements provided by the ASGARD upgrade, such as the additional ballistic protection around the cockpit present on the Tiger UHT in the German tech tree.


Main rotor diameter: 13.00 m
Tail rotor diameter: 2.70 m
Length overall, rotors turning: 15.80 m
Length of fuselage: 14.08 m
Height to mast sight: 5.20 m
Width over weapon: pylons 4.52 m
Wheel track: 2.38 m
Wheelbase: 7.65 m

Main rotor disc: 132.70 m2
Tail rotor disc: 5.72 m2

Weight empty: 4,350 kg
Max useful load: 1,650 kg
Fuel weight internal: 1,080 kg
Max T-O weight: 6,000 kg

Never-exceed speed: 298 km/h
Max level speed: 259 km/h
Cruising speed: 230 km/h
Max rate of climb at S/L: 642 m/min
Vertical rate of climb at S/L: 312 m/min
Hovering ceiling OGE: 3,200 m
Range on internal fuel: 800 km


PT5R 4
PT5R 3
PT5R 2


Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft 2008-2009, pg. 309-311
Aircraft in Detail - EC665 Tiger Walkaround Gallery Index


Why does the Tiger ingame doesnt have the option for PARS 3 and stingers AA rockets?!

only the german tigers have that armament, french one didnt use them

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imo could only recieve hot 3 and therefore be placed in 10.0 or 10.3. i dont like the mi 24 haha

Yeah, but why it isnt in the game as option?

Same as the protection. Its written that the crew cell are resistent againt 23mm bullets but even 12,5mm hurt the crew.

because they dont use them understand that, only german tigers use pars 3, how often do i have to tell you. Helicopters arent supposed to get missles they never used

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I talk about the german Tiger…

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the german tiger has pars 3 and stingers , so you have sth realy confused there and looked at the wrong vehicle

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Ive dont research it ingame but if i klick at modules i only see stingers OR PARS-3…

Or can i use both ingame?

my guy, custom loadouts, its a thing with literaly every vehicle from at least cold war even some ww2 planes onwards. You can mix and match the armament u wanna take with you

How can u have 30k games and not know about custom loadouts


Ok , apparently you mostly play arcade, the rules for arcade and realistic are completly different

Yes i do. and there is no mixed option…

u need to own the vehicle and have modules rtesearched to make customs

Does the tiger have any anti laser target modules?!

KA-52 can shot you down and you have no chance because of the lack of range…

The UHT does have LWS, but they changed the Vikhrs to no longer trigger it despite being laser beam riding missiles, cmiiw


might be useful


The general consensus is that the image of the Tiger with the RMK30 is edited.

And the bottom image is LFK-NG which only ever reached very early firing trials from static positions.

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Gj put papertanks into the game like Obj. 292, so why no weapons?!

How Is the 292 a paper tank ? You can even find It on First look tò the internet.


Never was in service…