Error on HUD screen

Hello, I am Efe Özkan, a petty officer who is an F 16 technician in the Turkish Air Force. I have been playing your game with pleasure for years, but there is an error in the HUD screens of your planes.
The “flight head” on the HUD screen in the cockpit should work like the other camera. So cockpit players can play the game without errors. This is a big problem for players who have knowledge about this plane. Please fix this error.
Wherever the “flight head” corresponds to on the HUD screen in the cockpit, the wheel-nose of the plane should move forward, but unfortunately this does not happen because it is faulty.
If you examine the images, you will understand what I mean. Best regards and success.


Good to know! Issue a bug report with any information/sources needed. I don’t need to tell you to keep it publicly available

i don’t understand you

If this is a problem, send it through here:

You need sources for your information not just your word :) good luck

He’s letting you know even though you and I and everyone and their brother knows it’s wrong and how it should be, gaijin won’t fix it without documentation that we can’t give them, or even more annoyingly, we could give them but they won’t use.

Tldr: they aren’t going to fix it even though we know it’s wrong

No document is needed, they can confirm this by asking any air officer/military or by contacting any airline company :D

Working with any sensible dev this would be true. Sadly this is gaijin… and they wonder why they end up with documents on here they don’t want

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