EQ2050 MLRS - Fast And Furious

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TL;DR: A Chinese Humvee with an MLRS on the back.



The HMMWV, better known as the Humvee, is an extortionarily popular American 4x4 military vehicle developed to replace vehicles like the Willys Jeep, M151 Jeep, and M561 Gama Goat. Entering service in 1983, the Humvee very quickly drew the attention of the world, China included. In 1988, AM General demonstrated an M998 HMMWV at the Beijing Defense Exhibition. At the time, however, the PLA had concerns regarding the cost of maintenance for such a bulky vehicle. The offer was not perused. On January 17, 1991, the Gulf War began and with it, Operation Desert Storm. During this operation, the Humvee found its claim to fame as it was highly popularized, via television, as a reliable and effective personnel and cargo transporter. Needless to say, the Humvee had proven itself and Chinese officials were reconsidering the possibility of procuring Humvees or Humvee-like vehicles. Luckily for them, an easy way of getting such vehicles had just appeared. The popularization of the Humvee during the Gulf War had made many civilians want one of their own. This led to AM General marketing the Hummer H1 in 1992, a civilian version of the M998 Humvee. Shortly after its debut, the Chinese petroleum industry purchased a few before importing them into China and handing them over to Chinese automakers for reverse-engineering. One of these automakers was the Dongfeng Motor Group, which quickly produced copies, showing them off at a car show in 2003 under the designation EQ2050. 57 of these vehicles underwent military trials in 2004. The EQ2050 was accepted into PLA service in 2006. In 2020, a new variant, which mounted a 16-tube 130mm MLRS on the bed, was spotted during a training exercise. This MLRS equipped EQ2050 was developed to solve the problem of poor maneuverability when it came to older self-propelled MLRSs. Its main purpose was to clear minefields by use of white phosphorous, however, it does have access to incendiary and demolition rockets as well. The launcher can be controlled from both inside and outside the vehicle, essentially making it hunter-killer capable. Four examples of the EQ2050 MLRS have been seen at once, suggesting that it has entered service.

Place In War Thunder:

MLRS carriers have always been an incredibly niche vehicle class in War Thunder, largely existing for some dumb, although expensive, fun. One of the main reasons for this nicheness is poor maneuverability. Unguided rockets work best against the soft sides and rears of vehicles while at close range, however, if you can get close enough to accurately land your rockets due to your poor speed and maneuverability, you might as well be a free kill. The EQ2050 MLRS largely fixes this issue. Its small size and incredible speed ensure that it will, if played correctly, get on the sides and rears of enemies much more consistently, allowing you to dump a few 130mm rockets into them before quickly retreating to repeat the process. The trade-off for this, however, comes in the form of a limited ammunition capacity. No extra rockets are carried inside of the vehicle, meaning you only get 16 shots before you need to head back to a friendly capture point. Playstyle for the EQ2050 would have to be rather aggressive but also patient as not every enemy would be susceptible to your rockets. You’d have to pick your battles while also making sure to not stray too far from a friendly cap. This would essentially make you a bouncer for what ever zone you choose as your resupply base. Considering that all other MLRSs currently in-game are GE premiums, it only makes sense for the EQ2050 MLRS to follow suit.


Armament: 16-tube 130mm MLRS

Dimensions: 4.97m, 2.13m, 1.96m (L,W,H)

Weight: 3300kg

Armor: Negligible

Crew: At least 2 (+1 if a manual gunner is included)

Ammunition: White Phosphorus, Incendiary, HE

Speed: 130kph

Horsepower: 150hp


Side View:




Manually Aiming:


Four EQ2050 MLRSs in a line:



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Looks SUPER fun! +1

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