Enlisted Matchmaker for War Thunder

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I wish to share an idea to help improve War Thunders growing matchmaking issue with the community (warning paragraph imminent).

Queue times have been steadily increasing through the years and has drastically increased in recent months it has also become more difficult for some nations at certain BRs to get steady matches. I purpose Gaijin adopts a mechanic from War Thunders sister game, “Enlisted” where players can create custom made matches for the matchmaker to then fill with waiting players effectively reducing queue times while also giving players more control over the BRs of matches and allowing more creative freedom over the maps that are seen.
There are maps I haven’t played since I first joined War Thunder some of which I can’t even get even in arcade battles and in recent months I have noticed players (including myself) have been fighting on the same handful of maps in some cases several times a day back to back, this has grown tiring as there are so many maps in the game that are rarely ever used. If the players were able to create custom matches for the matchmaker, we could effectively have better control over what maps are used and add weather effects to matches as well as control over what time of day they are.

This change would basically be an addon to the current custom match tab adding a toggle so that matches, after being fully set up like any normal custom match, can then be turned into a match for the matchmaker with a more rigid BR Scale. This would then help to prevent unbalanced matches like reserve German He-51’s bi-planes fighting American P-400’s; matches where sub-Mach jets are forced to fight Mach jets like the American F-104A, or WWII era tanks fighting cold war era tanks. These are just some examples of where the BR system fails and has a direct impact on the matchmaker as players become more aggravated with the blatant broken BR’s. This in turn regularly see’s players getting reduced earnings, increasing the grind, and ultimately forcing players to leave that BR area creating large gaps in the BR’s. The matchmaker then suffers to fill matches due to the lack of players impacting the already excessive grind for others. This effectively increases queue times and forces the developers to drastically increase matches BR brackets to compensate, creating a cycle where the hole gradually expands over time.
A good example of this is with matches of the Br. 6.0, typically matches at this Br. see a reduced number of players per match to five-on-five matches which for Germany have a higher percentage of losses due to the excessive use of the German Ju 288 C which has been happily given the nickname “the money printer” by many of its users. This has resulted in less players attending this Br. bracket to avoid being pulled into matches where this aircraft is prominent.

The current BR bracket threshold for an example BR like 6.0 will see typical battle ratings consisting of 5.5 (sometimes more or less due to the BR number’s structure) all the way up to 7.0, this has not always been the case as in earlier years it was a lot smaller.


It amazes me WT doesn’t have a lobby system. Where players join and can opt to stay in the lobby after battle. With players choosing the next map from 1-3 pre-chosen or 1 random map if they don’t like the pre-selected ones.


I think the reason why they don’t have a lobby system is because the game was never built around such a system, the closest rendition would be that the hanger is the lobby.

cough cough simulator cough cough

Not everyone has the rig to do simulator it’s not easy if your not ready for it, it took me several years to build up enough gear to do it effectively. But yes simulator does have a lobby system and it has gotten better over the years thanks to the dev’s locking the nations to groups.
Before they did that most would join a lobby then leave instantly so it could take a whole week to get a single sim run going.

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You only need a mouse and keyboard for the simulator. You don’t need any special equipment.

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If they can play war thunder they can play sim


Depends on the aircraft some are more difficult than others for example Messerschmitt Bf-109’s in sim don’t automatically trim meaning you manually control the tail even to fly straight, same goes for Messerschmitt Bf 110’s.

It is normal for all propeller planes that the player has to balance the movement of the propeller, but it is not something that requires special equipment. Just more practice.

Just some sort of lobby with map voting

Well idea is good. Thats what I wanted some time ago, but I also think that there would be players that would just abuse such matchmaking for easier grind. They could group up or send invites to whoever they want (friendlisted or not), say not to kill eachother and just bomb the bases if Air RB is the case, but for ground that might work just fine with already having option to disable aircrafts or cas in ground battles which they really suffer from.

This would likely have the reverse effect: 2 or 3 of the most popular maps would be chosen all the time, and the rest never played. I remember the old times when I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike, and the “de_dust” map was almost always the only map played.

I disagree and majority of votes agree with me, it would allow other maps to be forced into the already stagnant 5 map rotation, you know it’s bad when you can have the same map 5 times in a row. Yes people will pick their preferred maps but whos to say ones preferred map is the same as another, All this idea will do is add variety to the matchmaker and get people into matches faster instead of waiting 5 minutes or more for a match.

It will also allow players to skip the painfully useless up-tiers everyone is forced to suffer from.

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