Enjoying lower tier battles

Got the Swedish SAV and Sherman and have been playing a lot of lower tier and enjoying it. It doesnt feel grindy because im just doing it for fun at the BR. Its also a bit of slower pace which is nice compared to top tier. Anyone else take brakes from top teir and just play the lower BR’s?



You’re playing one of the most broken vehicles in that BR. No shit you’re enjoying it.

But yeah, low tier and tier just before top tier is the most enjoyable for me.

Other players probably don’t think its fun that you are beating on them with a SAV. Just sayin’.



isnt this from the guy who blackmailed the internet saying pay me or i cook the rabbit?

No. I guess you must be too young to remember the meme.

Low tier best tier, I personally won’t go higher than 7.0. 3.7 is a very fun BR (and the SAV is a very fun, arguably busted machine). Was playing with my buddies some just a bit ago at that BR and I specifically played Sweden so we wouldn’t have to deal with the SAV spam haha.

Most of the nations feel really good at 3.7 though, can play just about any nation comfortably.

Yeah. I will head to 2.3-4.0 sometimes. Or I will go main an IR spaa. Both can be nice breaks from the mbt styles of combat.

Ive been saying this for years.

I am trying to complete all history pages, that I can, so I return to some low tier vehicles and finish spading them or finish 2nd rank battle tasks in 2nd rank vehicles, if there isn’t anything else that requires 3rd rank or higher.
I just don’t stay there, as I often feel like I am seal clubbing and its often me and few other seasoned players racing each other in kill count.
Other than that, sure, low rank vehicles are just as fun as higher ranked ones.

Personally I found myself enjoying British 1st and 2nd rank quite a lot.