Engine sounds broken for tanks after update

While playing ground rb today I have noticed that I cannot hear tank engine sounds when i definetly should, and I’m not alone.

I had a standoff with an Abrams around the corner, and I didn’t hear his engine while I could clearly see his tracks from around the corner, as I was on the other side of the corner. And at that same time a BMP-2 drove by 30 meters in front of me with nothing in-between me and him, and the engine was silent, while normally i can hear BMPs from far away through buildings. Today I heard absolutely nothing in terms of engine sounds, or only when very very close, almost touching.

In-game I asked around and others also had noticed this.


This issue has been in the game long ago but with the new changes to abrams tanks the issue is much worse. Btw anyone noticed a diesel engine is louder than a turbine one? in general every tank who uses the Diesel Leo 2 engine sound are louder than tanks WITH TURBINE engines. I mean yes they are loud and everything but they are not louder than turbine engines and i know it first hand. Even playing with my engine volume at 27 (minimum) i can barely hear other engines (when they sound). So why is that? A bug? A intentional one? A nerf? I dont know but is strange


I have this issue, and my friends too, so I was going searching through forums, and then found you guys.
It’s clearly an issue, but someone in the chat told me it’s a “audio nerf”, clearly a joke to be honest.

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I feel the same about the Type 93, it’s just a Toyota pick-up truck lol. But oh god, the UNHOLY levels of LOUDNESS it produces.
I have my engine sound set to the very minumum and still this thing gives me earrape whenever I go from stationary to moving.

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