Enemy tank invisible on map

I had an eye on the map and got shot by a tank that was in sight from my position but invisible on the map. I imagined that all tanks visible from my position should show up on the map, but obviously this isn’t the case. Is this a feature or a bug/server glitch?

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This is the link to the server replay. View replay (button) in big red box with the game client open and it will throw you into the replay.

The Top Bar in replay, is ordered as such
scoreboard, two arrow keys, and number from 1 to 6.
Number 2, is player view. That is the player camera.
click on it.

at 3:41.893 there is enough engine sound coming from the hill to at least warrant a check. Then again, their a lot of beautifully red tanks with probable side profiles downrange towards the Alpha cap. You got the jump on them, the adrenaline spikes and… ya know. Tunnel Vision reigns supreme.

Stug did not show up on the map because player cameras are required to look in the direction for identification(the UI) to work. In addition to having the camera facing toward the target without obstructions. If no one is looking, that area is a blind zone. if one person looks within radio communication distance(crew skill) then that information is relayed back to you.

in this particular case, anyone within distance was not looking at the hill much less had the vision to see into it. they had obstructions.
Much like them, your own camera did not look there. it was downrange the entire time.

The quick check of the building line does not make it safe when alone. as it’s fairly easy to drive behind an obstruction to close the distance.

This is relevant because their was an SPJ coming from the building line as well. That from your own perspective was probably deemed as safe.

No one else is with you to look towards the hill, or even the building lines where C would normally be. You are driving in a blind zone because you are solely responsible for your own vision to secure your operating perimeter. Any vision secured is only safe for a few seconds… :- Paranoia checks are great for solo pushes. At least until a friendly plane is up, in which case they will relay what they see onto your map. Granted, the pilots still have to be looking at the ground in that area to relay that info. so if their dogfighting looking at clouds, their not providing any information the tankers below.

The user interface in arcade mode uses the Keen vision crew skill numbers from Identification multiplied the by visibility stats on a vehicle, firing multiplies said number threefold. Using Binocualrs multiplies by three. Light tanks get a modification that gives a 30% boost. Even then, their a bit of a delay before the UI activates.

-in Arcade “absolute detection” doesn’t mark everything in a 360-degree radius around the player. Only line-of-sight and line-of-movement spots work, so it is recommended for players to keep turning the camera around when driving in towns and mountains.

Detection numbers are rendered distance.
Movement line Detection = Front Hull detection/render range
Line of sight Detection = Player Camera direction (narrows when using binoculars/scope and multiples values by 3)
While absolute identification doesn’t work in arcade, absolute identification does. Is what allows for UI to show despite having an obstruction in-between the target.
Absolute and Line of sight numbers are ranged from the camera perspective, not from the vehicle’s position.

The tank is visible on the map at 03s on your video, it took that tank around 6-7s to kill you, it seems you just didn’t notice it. Happens very often.

The tank that shows up on the minimap is on the low ground on the outside section of the hill, where his allies can potentially nail it. the tank that shot our guy is a different marker, one that doesn’t show because no one looked there.

Thanks for your explanation!