Enable heli pad SPAA if the target is sitting within 100 meters

Yes you can’t have it just blast any plane going near the enemy side of the map.

No it’s not acceptable to allow such blatant spawn camping without more immunity protections


Says the salty heli rush players, first heli pads shouldnt have protection, specialy because of ka 50 players

Not like KA-50 can kill any plane in close (and not so close) proximity anyways.
I agree that they should return heli AA. However they shouldn’t make it as stupid as it was before. They shouldn’t kill planes with 1 hit, however they need to do at least some damage in order to prevent, let’s say, “very smart” players to just go in circles around heli spawn and kill any heli they want (this is especially true for lower tier helis). Heli spawn camping issue is not that big of a problem for 10.0+ BRs, since lot’s of helis have decent protection against air threats, but at lower BRs, where you can do absolutely nothing to planes that want revenge for killing them, that’s a huge problem and it’s not fun at all: you need to first avoid dying to AA, possibly kill someone, then get back to the heli spawn to reload only to find out that the one you killed spawned a plane, and you can do nothing to him, but to be his free kill.

Enabling AA within 100 meters would only protect against hovering helicopters.

“because of KA-50 players”

KA-50 players can also camp heli pads

Another one of his post i was talking to a friend about this guy saying “lemme Guess he tried to heli rush and he couldnt kill anyone cuz of spawnprotection” i think i was right in my guess

Listening to people who don’t play helicopters discuss what they think you should do as a helicopter is comical.

This remains offtopic to the thread.

I play helis and i use the high mountains as an advantage, the problema is that You are quite literally posting tons and Tons of posts basically trashtalking maps or Game mechanics wich it’s very annoying instead of doing a Bug report wich still Will be ignored because your ideas of "balancing"benefit helis and helis only while cutting down the balancing between ground and air wich it’s already very hard to balance

Mountains aren’t a bug they’re a deliberate design decision. The helipads should be placed at either mouth of the valley allowing functional ascent / descent without expecting me to go up a sheer cliff which just opens my ass to coaxial fire.

The specific post from said screenshot was in regards to Pradesh.

even if its not specifically a bug it can be passed to developers like for example the PSO had missing armor in the hull and it was passed to the developers when they put it in bug reports, and the fact its made like that its to avoid people comming out of their heli spawn and inmediately killing half the enemy team and even so i have seen people use that map very nicely, the mountains arent the problem here that’s all im gonna say

The mountains are an annoyance which I have voiced my feedback on in another thread. If you’d like to provide discussion on said feedback then I would suggest doing so in said thread.

This thread was created because currently Helicopters are able to be spawncamped by other helicopters with zero recourse despite planes being afforded SPAA to guard their spawn. The difference between the two’s protection is unjustifiable and should be remedied.

Yes if helipad SPAA shoots 4 KM then it makes maps unplayable. That is why I advocated for the distance of effectiveness of the SPAA to be a mere 100 meters solely punishing helicopters who are literally hovering at the pad waiting for you to spawn.

SPAA until 11.7 is unable to act as preventative towards CAS

There’s no justification for spawncamping

There is no justification for helicopter base SPAA not to be enabled within this distance.





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