Eliminate SW_k9_Vidar from the 7.7

as per the title, putting a tank like the Vidar, which has a laser rangefinder and thermal, in Sim or RB battles at 7.7 is ridiculous, it literally means making fun of the players, and disrespecting the time and dedication that players put into this game, it is literally OP in shots over 1km, I played a simulation game on the Pradesh map, and it practically did the sniper, and with a T-54 (1949) for over a kilometer I was not able to do a telemetry as fast and precise as his, not to mention that that HE of his overpresses even an IS-6. I wonder who the employee or manager at Gaijin is who makes such idiotic and senseless decisions, we need to eliminate him from that BR bracket, and like the usual Gaijin for his disgusting profit he ruins the gameplay for people, do they want to monetize? that they do it in an ethical and correct way, because like every time they find new disgusting ways to extract money from users, and then after having cashed in, and ruining the game play for many players, they move the tank to a more different BR, saying - oh maybe we put it too low by mistake - and by doing so, beyond the damage they also make fun because whoever bought it now will be screwed because they will have a tank that will no longer perform as well as before, and therefore the player base it will have ruined the game now there are 2, whoever was against him and was killed because he was put where he shouldn’t be, and then because where he should be he doesn’t perform enough because he has to fight with his equals… I kindly ask the community to say enough to this unfair system on the part of Gaijin, because for a handful of money they do this shit every time.