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During mid 1971 the South African Armoured Corps was looking at equipping some of the Eland 60’s with a 20mm main gun. As a feasibility study a Eland 60 nicknamed “Vuilbaard” was selected and equipped with a 20mm Hispano-Suiza in a modified turret, however the results was not satisfactory. During early 1972 the study was conducted again this time with a 20mm F2 (later designated the GI-2). Both the Hispano-Suiza and F2 were tested against each other, with the F2 coming out on top and being selected. However by the time the study was done the South African Armoured Corps had moved on and placed it’s focus on improving the Eland 60’s and 90’s currently in service. The Eland 20 turret would however still see service being adopted and used on the Ratel 20 ICV to great success. In the end a total of 30 Eland 20’s were produced which ended up later being purchased by Morocco between 1980 and 1981. The Eland 20 should use its high speed to capture points, flank enemy vehicles and use its scouting ability to alert teammates of potential threats. The Eland 20 can also be used in a support role by distracting the enemy, engaging light armoured vehicles, and even taking out low flying aircraft.




Main armament: 20mm F2

Shell types: HVAP-T, HEF-I, HVAP-T

Secondary armament: Two 7.62mm MG4 machine guns

Smoke launchers: 4 (two on each side)

Turret armour: (front: 12mm), (sides: 10mm), (rear: 10mm), (roof: 10mm)

Hull armour: (front: 10mm), (sides: 10mm), (rear: 10mm), (roof: 10mm)

Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Engine: General Motors 4-cylinder 2.5L petrol engine

Horsepower: 87hp

Top speed: 90km/h

All-wheel drive: 4x4



Primary Sources

South African Armoured Vehicles “A history of innovation and excellence” written by Dr Dewald Venter (Page: 6-9)
Ratel “The Making of a Legend” Volume 2, written by Roland De Vries, Jan Ehlert, William Haddad, Johan Nel, Tony Savides (Page 25)

Secondary Sources

Tank Ensyclopedia: Eland Armoured Car - Tank Encyclopedia


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I want!

The AML-90-esque wheelie bois is probably the funniest looking vehicles in WT.

this would be cool but i think its role as a smaller gunned AML 90 is now covered by the fox which will also be more powerful and faster over terrain

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+1, I love the idea of little autocannon armoured scout cars as low-rank SPAA. Stuff like this, the Commando, and the BRDM-2.

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You forgot to mention that Ireland used the turret on their AMLs.

Nice to see a fellow South African here