Einheitsdiesel (Breda 37/54 modello RM39)

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Einheitsdiesel (Breda 37/54 modello RM39)

The Einheitsdiesel was a German truck designed in the run up to World War 2, and it would be produced from 1937-1940, by 7 different German firms. The truck was intended to be a standardized, highly mobile off-road truck providing high performance, weighing only 2.5t and with three axles. Power came from the HWa 526 D engine, produced as a joint project between MAN, Henschel, and Humboldt-Deutz, producing 75hp at 2800rpm. It also featured a five-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive, and would prove to be highly popular in service.
The truck would end up being used throughout the war, on all fronts. A few of such trucks would be used on the Italian front, and an unknown amount were combined with the 37mm Breda anti-aircraft gun to form the vehicle seen here.

The Gun
Armament of this conversion was a single mount Breda Cannone-Mitraliegra da 37/54 modello RM39. This type was first introduced as the modello 32, but was disliked by crews. The modello 32 was a water-cooled twin mount, later mounts using air-cooling. Most of the twin mounts produced rather substantial vibrations that would not be corrected until the modello 39 and RM39, both being single mounts. It had selectable rates of fire, with either 60, 90, or 120rpm. The gun was fed by 6-round magazines, which could be loaded sequentially to maintain a high rate of fire. The 37mm cannon found on the FC.20bis, the 37/45 modello 39, was a variant of this Breda cannon.
In German service, post armistice, the Breda 37/54 was known as the “3.7cm Flak Breda (i)”.

Armament - 37mm Cannone-Mitraliegra da 37/54 modello RM39
Ammunition - HE, APHE (unknown designations)


(see FC.20bis’ 37/45 mod39 for an estimation of performance; note that the standard antiaircraft version is longer than the version found on the FC.20bis; resulting in a slight increase in penetration compared to the one on the FC.20bis, due to the longer barrel found on the anti-air version)

Engine - HWa 526 D, 75hp at 2800rpm
Transmission - 5 speed, all wheel drive

Mass - 4.5t (truck), ~2t (gun and mount)
Total Mass - ~6.5t
Power/Weight - 11.54hp/t

Max speed - 70kph

I think this would be a unique way to give low-tier Italy a gun larger than 20mm, at least before the 40M Nimrod is added (someday). The problem is that it’s a German truck with an Italian gun, making it questionable as to where it would belong. In my mind, I’d say it should go to Italy over Germany, because the more important part of the vehicle, the armament, is Italian. Italy also needs such a vehicle more than Germany, as Germany already has the (arguably better) Sd.Kfz. 6.

I would have rather been able to submit an addition on an Italian truck, but as far as I was able to find out, even post-armistice, the Breda 37/54 was not really truck mounted more than a few times. Another option would have been a Fiat 626 or similar with a mounted with a 2cm Flakvierling, or a 3.7cm Flak 44, but either of these would run into the same problem as this suggestion regarding implementation.
Italian Trucks with 2cm Flakvierlings
Another thing that might be good for Italian AA is to add some more ammo to the M42, the assistant driver’s position is fairly empty and can probably be used to store another four ammo boxes, allowing at least one reload.


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Picture with windshield lowered to allow full arc of fire

Model of an Einheitsdiesel with a Breda 37/54


Finally! A new AA gun! While not new for naval, it would be new for ground, and that always brings excitement and interest. +1

For the ammunition I can only find a HE-T shell, but no name of it.
Projectile Weight: 828 grams
Filler Weight: 30 grams MBT (Shellite with a slightly different composition ratio, x0.94 TNTe)
Muzzle Velocity: 700 m/s.
Total Cartridge Weight: 1,600 grams.

Still looking for any AP rounds.

Thats a german crew tho and on the Old forum that was a Germany suggestion. The Gun was taken over after Italy changed sides.

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The Ammo is the same as for the italian short 37mm gun. But anyway the gun is allready in game on some FC 20 Bis plane. In the suggestion he writes that the Plane gun is the shorter /45, but iirc thats actually not the case in game and in game it has 800 m/s instead of your 700m/s.

I don’t see this going to Italy if it wasn’t Italian operated. +1 for Germany and only +1 for Italy if they operated it.

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Highly unlikely, considdering the look of the german uniform with the timeframe. Thats some quite Late war uniform. If i see this correctly they have 1944 uniforms, while Italy allready changed sides in October 1943 or so.

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I would like to see it in the Italian TT, but it is a German vehicle (Germany is an operator) unfortunately, in the same way as multiple Italian trucks equipped with Flakvierling 38 and used by Germans.

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F.C.20 bis, not Ter.

I like this. +1 for both nation.

Interesting, I must’ve missed that. I don’t know what gaijin’s source is, so I just used what the one I had said. There’s likely the case that they are two different models of cartridge with slightly differentiating performances between them for the same gun.

It will be really interesting to see where this vehicle ends up. It’s got decent anti-armor capabilities but limiting firing angles and we don’t know which fire-rate gaijin will use, could be 60 RPM, could be 120 RPM, we’ll have to wait and see.
Could be a very funny rat vehicle to flank with.

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Oh i dont know about the casing, but the Shot is the same. (In game the 37mm Aphe of the plane is the same) And it here (2nd link) even sayes “The round is used in the 37mm 40 Caliber Q.F. AA/AT gun.”
Tho in game the shell has the penetration of APCBC, which is still incorrect and should only be 48 mm.

All I saw was truck and said yes.

Good question. I think that it depend on the alimentation of the gun.