EF2000 and Rafale when?

Seriously it’s always the US and USSR that gets ahead of everyone else, why can’t minor nations have an edge for once? German air tree received literally nothing last update and Italy’s AMX isn’t competitive either


We were told no time soon about EF just before Christmas, early Rafale’s are largely better in terms of avionics than early EF’s if that gives you any insight.

The Mirage 4000 is on top of its game rn. Just like the F 16 and F15
Just the lack of a HMD is unfoutunate.
But it might get even better AAM in the future.
It could carry 14 MICA I think

Only Germany laks in that department with the migs and F4F coming in very late.
The last jet that was at the top of its game was maybe the F 104G
But I would be happy, if Germany and other nations would get stuff at the same time.


You mean how Germany has the 29G?


You mean, why do nations that barely anyone plays, get less toys?
If you had a restaurant, would you improve on the meal that everyone likes or the one that single crazy Frenchman orders on Tuesdays?

Considering the current competition, if the Rafale or EF2000 were to come to the game, they’d be watered down super hard so they don’t wipe everything, and the same people asking for them now would be complaining about how hard they underperform compared to IRL

Except the same is rarely true for US and USSR additions that get added. F-16s and Mig-29s were never watered down even though several nations were fighting 12/12.3ss in 11.3s for most of the year.

The point is, yes the EFT and Rafale would be better than the current line-up. But why must they come after others get something competitive/equal to them. Would it be such a disaster if EFT and Rafale was added first, and then the following update F-15Cs and Su-30s, etc were added? Why must it always be the other way round

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Yep, I agree completely. There is absolutely 0 reason why the Typhoon, Rafale and Gripen E must come after the US and USSR equivalents. Let them face uptiers for a change.


AMX gets gbus and thermals at 10.3 same cancer as the a6e

I’ve been saying this for awhile.

Some nations simply have less to add, so why do they get added last? Shouldn’t they get their stuff first and allow everyone else to catch up instead of the other way around?

If you keep it the way it currently is then the lobbies will just be USvUS or USvRU or US/RUvRU/US since no other nation will be able to compete.


Yep, and by keeping the “minor nations” with “less to add” in a disadvantaged state, less people play them. I dont blame people for playing US and USSR because they get a constant stream of new content and are always competitive. Minor nations have periods being good and then periods of being bad.

Take this past yeer. Britain and Sweden have fielded 11.3s to take on 12s and then 12.3s. Im not surprised many have moved onto other nations and so Gripens dont seem to be massively common (at least in SB and the few ARB matches ive done of late)

If the minor nations were better and more people played them, that issue of having “over-populated” nations might be reduced a bit


That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

How about this.

You have a restaurant with a few customers, and at one table sits a couple very loud, very full and very angry guest.

At the other table, you have a few quiet guest who look like they are starving.

So you keep serving the loud table that clearly doesn’t need anythingas their table is full while ignoring the quiet table that has nothing on it.

So you keep getting more and more of these loud full people who keep coming back because the service is amazing and less and less of the quiet people who don’t like being ignored.

Then you look around and you only have one or two types of customers and the rest are gone, so when the occasional quiet customer walks in you ignore them and maybe throw some water at their table every once in awhile to keep em happy.

Catering to one type of customer while ignoring others is a bad way to run a business.


Your logic is “No one plays them so why add anything to them…”

Except the reason no one plays them is because nothing is added to them regularly and their content is often in a poor state.

If they actually added content to them, fixed the content they have and kept them at even a playable level, then more people would probably play them. I have seen more than a few people say they would love to play “X” nation, but gave up and swapped to US or USSR because they were just so much easier

If you only add content to 2 nations then people will only play 2 nations.

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Alternatively, they can come at the same time so there aren’t 1-2 planes that domimate for an entire patch, it wasn’t great when the F-16C swept the floor during it’s patch, the Mig 29 the 3 patches before that, F-14a and Mirage 2000 before that, Mig 23MLD before that, etc.

I don’t like when people are just waiting for “their turn” on the meta jet, instead contemporary vehicles should be added around the same time, though EF2000 amd Rafale would be equal to things like an F-15C late (Aesa/HMD upgrades), Su-35, Super Hornet, F-16C block 72, etc. We’re still a several technologies behind even being able to have them added faithfully to the game.

You are right… That is how it is “suppose” to be done. Reality never works like that though. They’ll never add these nations at the same time and likelyhood is, EFT and Rafale will be some of the last. Heck, they added the F-16C and Mig-29SMT at 12.3 before 2 nations even had 11.7s. Not too mention 12s. The likelyhood is that the Typhoon won’t come until 3-6 months after equivalents and probably aircraft a br or 2 ahead like those you have listed

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but knowing Gaijin US/USSR will always gets their superiority period until other nations receives equivalents patches later

I had a hunch that gaijin might consider Rafale M F1 from french navy before Eurofighter Typhoon DA from 3 countries (British, Germany & Italy) because IR SRAAM limited carries 6x Magic II, MRAAM 6x MICA EM but none Air-to-Ground armament

Typhoon DA2 could be equipped with 6x Aim-9M/Aim-9Li and 6x AMRAAM
Typhoon F2 might also be outfitted with the same loadout but might get ASRAAM instead (or in a later update)

Neither the Typhoon DA2 or F2 would have very much in the way of Air to ground weapons. I think at most it is 6x BL755 cluster bombs



BL755 is a cluster bomb developed by Hunting Aircraft that contains 147 parachute-retarded high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) submunitions. Its primary targets are armoured vehicles and tanks with secondary soft target (anti personnel) capabilities. It entered service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1973.

BL755 was developed as a new-generation anti-tank weapon that would allow extremely low-level attacks against Soviet armoured formations. The introduction of the ZSU-23-4 Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft gun rendered the pop-up attack profile demanded by iron bombs and air-to-ground rockets almost suicidal. The cluster munition would be dropped in pairs while the aircraft overflew the formation at 450 knots (830 km/h; 520 mph) and 300 feet altitude, covering an area of 1,000 by 500 feet (300 m × 150 m).

The weapon’s first use in combat was during the Falklands War where it was used in the anti-infantry role. When dropped from ultra-low altitudes, the bomblets proved to have a very high failure rate because the parachutes often did not deploy in time. A new version was ordered for the Gulf War that added a radar altimeter allowing release from medium altitudes and then opening at the proper altitude.

(due to the lack of CBUs you in War Thunder, I could see these being replaced with Mk.M2 540lb or the HE.MC Mk.13 1000lb)

Its not until later Block 2 Typhoons like the Typhoon FGR4, that they would be fitted with targeting pods and guided weapons.

Typhoon DA.2 armed early 5th gen IR AAM ASRAAM but Rafale M F1 limited IR SRAAM magic II only

Personally I believe Typhoon DA.2 better Rafale M F1

Typhoon DA2 could be armed with ASRAAM, but could be armed with Aim-9L or Aim-9L/I or Aim-9M. Which would be on-par with Magic II.

Infact all Typhoons maintain the ability to equip Aim-9 Sidewinders should it ever be needed

So Typhoon DA2 and Rafale M F1 would have comparible Air-to-Air loadouts