Economy Revision - Our Plan in Detail

Mhm - i liked you posts in general, but i would like to remind you on various posts in the old forum - basically this 80/20 nonsense from gaijin is a worthless statement as f2p games don’t care about the 80%.

In addition there was no reference point mentioned - so 80% in 13 years or 80% of currently active players. Same with this 70 million registered users - i see no mentioning that you can’t “un-register” from wt. Imho this is just the total number in 13 years.

The game itself needs no “outweighting” of non-paying players as it is disguised as f2p in order to get easier to the 20%.

I mean I get their whole post is just nonsense, and the numbers also do not mean anything but even by their misleading examples they make a bad point.

The game also needs the 80% for a large number of reasons anyways, as much as they want to pretend they’re freeloading or whatever, but whales always finance most of the game, a guy on Reddit was talking about how he spend $25.000 in like 800h of playing, it’s not the person that spends $15 after 500h on a premium that Gaijin cares about.

That’s their business model anyways, the game is designed to attract a small number of high paying customers, they actively made the decision to not make the game more affordable for the average user.

I mean if you played for a longer period you simply see the major flaws of game play, game mechanics, BR setting policyy, MM, map design, team compositions, open and hidden nerfs of vehicles, etc.

Which seems why the focus is on attracting new players who have not seen the patterns, the years of neglect, the years of recurring issues, or more like a decade at this point, I was annoyed in 2014 by getting shot across the map in Poland, and it’s as annoying today, in fact it’s a lot worse now.

Easier to convince new and naive players to spend money on something until they figure out the ploy, than it is to satisfy the disgruntled veteran player who already spend their money and has heard all the excuses already… which is how they operated until the push back.

Even though Steam continues to remove over 200.000 reviews which I’m not even sure is legal to do, this is what concerns Gaijin more because they need to replace the neglected long term player.


Yes, totally agree, I could not write it better.

Also here - i liked your post as a whole, but i see this claim completely different. Imho it is the opposite - they target high numbers of players with moderate initial “buy-in’s” and designed the game progress so that the majority is forced to buy premium vehicles and -time at mid to high tiers.

First of all we have zero data regarding income structure - the only figure we have is a claim of 121 million € of revenues a few years ago.

What we have is hundreds of analysis of f2p games regarding their design and income structure. They confirm the importance of micro transactions and their psychological strategies to attract new customers and to earn money with them - i never saw a vid or report about f2p games focusing on “whales” as they are extremely rare.

I mean the f2p design eliminates the entry barrier of a full price video game with half price updates. Together with the PG12 rating it is obvious that younger players with access to credit card support by mom&dad are the main target group.
You might agree that you will approve 5 requests for 20$ in 5 months without long discussions - but for 100$ as a single purchase you might see the need for questioning your kids.

So by designing the game progression at lower ranks quite easy, you create the illusion that with a few small investments you can get to top tier.

Some realize that they need lots of real money to get there and leave - others look at their already acquired stuff, the time they invested and as being “addicted”, they buy the next premium stuff.

Have a good one!

Edit: Updated revenues…


For me is always a big NO, you are intentionally avoiding fixes, the only way to make this game humanly playable is by taking every multiplier from tier 4 and above and multiply it x3, example 230% rp= 690% rp
200% sl= 600% sl
Every other thing is called “projection” and is mean to distract the user with tons of data (charts, excel pages, unnecessary long explainations) when the simple thing is to just rise the earnings

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Where is this? and why has nothing been said about it? I’ve asked several times in other threads, but been ignored everytime

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They mentioned here that’d they’re working on it and would announce plans eventually

“Other Roadmap changes
We knew you’d ask, so we’ll include it here too. We know your anticipation about skill bonuses in RP as well as research bonuses for new nations, and we’re working on these right now too!”

Maybe, but it does specifically state this update and last update, when roadmap stuff got postponed, they said it was postponed. It worth asking about it and chasing it up, so they dont just sweep things under the rug

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They’ve followed through on their roadmap besides missing time goals which I don’t mind as the major problem with the game was the SL economy and right now it is sublime.

I won’t criticize them for doing something they so far haven’t done. They mentioned in their most recent post they’re working on both features and today’s update launched one of them. Considering that, I’m sure the other one is following.

I’d still perfer them just saying that, not asking for a 10000 word essay on why its delayed, just a confirmation its been delayed. I play Britain, we’ve been totally abdandoned by the devs for the better of a year. Im facing the very real possibility that if I ever want to play WT again and actually have fun. Im going to have slog through grinding another tree. These RP buffs would be a massive boost for me, so im curious about their status

Not only did they update you on it, less than 2 weeks ago, but they did so in two sentences, not 10,000 words. Nor is it even past due in the first place. The roadmap says October OR November, and November hasn’t even started yet.

This IS the October/November update. We literally got it today. We now dont have another update till the END of December.

“We knew you’d ask, so we’ll include it here too. We know your anticipation about skill bonuses in RP as well as research bonuses for new nations, and we’re working on these right now too!”

The wording of this implies that it was being finished off. and as 1/2 of those updates did actually arrive with todays update but the other did not, then Im inclined to believe that this sentence does not suffeciently cover this additional delay.

Can you point me to the part where they said they will only make any roadmap changes during major updates?

Because they always do. They almost never release something major OUTSIDE of a major update. I could be wrong, but has a single roadmap change come outside of a major update?

I don’t know, but have any of the roadmap changes been late, either? I don’t recall any

Regardless, chill. They did update you, they made it very clear they weren’t scrapping it. They have been late with either nothing or almost nothing the whole time, they’re clearly not trying to screw with us

Just look at the latest news, and it’s obvious Gaijin is trying to backtrack the roadmap. Gaijin’s word isn’t worth a damn thing… No integrity.

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Yep, I had the same thought, instant backtracking. I’d be willing to bet that Rank 8 for Ground and Rank 9 for air will cost twice what the current ranks cost to “balance” the economy

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isn’t it already happened for rank 8 air? just look at how much rp you need from stock aircraft to full mod

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I mean double again. Like 2 mil SLs to but it and 800k rp

If you hate them so much why are you playing?

They told you at the very beginning that if it cut unexpectedly much into profits, they might remove items from the roadmap. They even said they could undo them (which they haven’t gone as far as now). Nobody lied to you, sorry to burst your bubble. You just didn’t pay attention when they told you the truth. You can be upset about it, sure, but objectively nobody lied to you.