Economy made to harm the player

The question that remains in the air, how did the warthunder not go bankrupt having an economy focused on harming the player? the earnings of lions even though I have a premium account, even having premium tanks is ridiculous the earning of lions per match is ridiculous, a top tier tank needs 400 thousand points to unlock research, I earn 2k points in average research, how much How long will it take to release a new vehicle?
the game is made to make you give up playing


They changed the economy Obewan. Be patient. Let the force mature.

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Whale hunting and focusing and pulling in new players.


Its exactly why i’ve all but given up in GRB. It took me close to 2000 hours, but i’ve finally gotten to the point where I can take any british aircraft into SB and just fly it for fun. The economy changes have been nice. I can be far more aggressive without going broke. But for anyone starting out recently. It is a daunting task to get up to the tier and is an exceedingly hard grind.

Heres to hoping RP changes do come in the near future though and good luck to your farming

If you simplify the game at the higher ranks, then it will become the same as at the lower ones. Anyone can play at low ranks. Higher-level technology is not needed.

The economy is not gifts from an uncle, but a lot of work for the extraction of many resources.

Think about it.

But you didnt so that answer your question.

Doing 80k rp in a good (not excellent) hour of game time (on the clock, not battletime) with the J35XS in air rb with the premium time that came with the pack. With the economy changes and SL increases I can actually fly what I’ll unlock with it. On a bad hour I’ll do half, when my premium time runs out I’ll look at 20-40 an hour I’d say

For my particular use case the economy is functional now but feel Gaijin should tweak where it isn’t.

The rule of thumb I think is you need some form of premium content to enjoy top tier. Which is understandable in my opinion.

What do you play? F2P or paid?

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Air economy is way more forgiving than ground, even messing around in a premium plane in Air RB and killing some AI targets I get 20k RP doing nothing, for ground you’ll struggle to break 10k RP even with killing half the enemy team.

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Yeah sounds like it needs to be fixed

Not sure if i got this right…you spent 26k USD on this game…?
I am guessing if somebody needed any proof that Economy is working you just provided it…

FOR SURE you could have spent on better things…i at least hope you had a lot of fun playing the game :)

BTW…i read a phrase by another game company some years back…the trick of free games according to a game dev was “Providing players with what they need, not what they want.”.
ALL FREE games work like this^^, you have to WANT something in order to spend money…if you have it all you would not buy anything :)

God no, it’s from Reddit, guy had a weird obsession with buying backups for things it seems like.
It just showcases what an absurd money sink this is, and how baffling it is people continue to defend more monetization systems when we already have every system known to mankind.

I don’t spend money on the game for this same reason, the game does not value my money, nor my time, a single premium for a single nation for a single branch for $70? What about the other 9 nations with 10 air trees and 10 ground trees and however many helicopter and naval trees.

It’s the usual game designed for whales where the average player’s money is just a drop in the ocean.

I navigate the “freemium” system as a free to play. I can play LOTS of good games for free thanks to the paying customers, which i therefore appreciate. On occasion i buy something for a game, usually the value of a “normal” game (30EUR or so)…but it requires me to find something i think valuable. In WT i think only Premium time fits that requirement…vehicles are a bit expensive, considering that we are usually moving up in BR, so each vehicle has a limited useful “time”.

I tried LOTS of games…sooner or later i hit a “wall” where progress becomes slow and incentives payment. War Thunder is actually one of the best in that regard…the wall appears late in the game and you can try several nations/modes before you hit it. Oc course…if you REALLY want to play with something deep in the tree, paying is the only solution…and not a good one due to the repair costs and such.
The reason i know it is not so bad is that i am still playing it :) when a game becomes to expensive (in time) or forces payment, i leave it and go find another free one :)

In WT i think only Premium time fits that requirement…vehicles are a bit expensive, considering that we are usually moving up in BR, so each vehicle has a limited useful “time”.

I think this is a problem with a lot of the vehicles, over time they depreciate in value, I bought a Tiger ll years and years ago when it allowed me to research pretty much the entire tech tree before the Leopard 1 was added, and you could also research that.
Nowadays there are 2 whole ranks you cannot touch with it, and those 2 ranks probably require more RP than the entire rest of the tech tree combined… yet the Tiger ll still sells for the exact same as when it was able to research the entire tree when it’s not nearly as useful.

the wall appears late in the game and you can try several nations/modes before you hit it

For free to play I don’t know if I’d consider that wall hitting late, rank 1-3 is probably fine and then you start noticing it, especially for ground forces with the stock grind, no parts, FPE, crap ammo, no lineups and then you also need to grind the entire air tree somehow to have CAS and fighters.

So you get premium, premium vehicles but even then the progress just slows down, I have a WMA and premium and I still cannot get through the Chinese tree as I need 1-2 million RP to get out of 8.7 hell, and then another million to get a lineup, as well as having to progress the air tree to get air support.

I’m already paying money, why is the grind still a slog? And then there are just too many things to spend money on, 100 different crews which already cost a ton to unlock, air, ground, naval, expert, ace… 10 air, 10 ground, naval, bluewater/coastal, helicopters, crew xp, battlepasses, avatars that cost 10$ for some fucking reason, decals, bushes, convertible RP, lootboxes etc etc.

It’s at a point where spending money just feels like it’s a waste because even if you pull out a $100 you don’t make any sort of meaningful progress, the value of your money is absurdly low.

To me, playing several nations…tanks, ships and planes…this is a LOOOONG time playing…of course that if you play more or just a specific mode/nation, you will hit it sooner…but still LOTS OF HOURS no? Other games i hit the wall with a few hours of play, less than a month into playing the game…

I have no direct experience with “paying”…but above 7.0 gameplay is much slower…and TBH the only investment i see as interesting is premium time, and still not a complete solution. Players i see evolving a lot are in fact THE GOOD PLAYERS…and this can be seen as a good or bad thing (no real pay to win).
I do agree that it seems to exist A LOT of content behind the “wall”…that is not being used as it could…I personally would love to play more “cold war” vehicles…but i am guessing they already have lots of players there…either very good, paying or long term players.

When I first started playing this game in 2013, you could see a clear, achievable end goal. You knew that your time was being properly rewarded, and that some dedicated gameplay would result with you earning all the vehicles that the game had to offer. There wasn’t even a tank or naval tree yet, just good old air combat.

As the game grew, and more forces were added, you would expect any normal game to reduce the grind to make the rest of the game achievable for new comers. But instead, the reverse happened… As Gaijin adds more vehicles and nations, they reduce the rewards. It’s literally the opposite way you should treat a playerbase that you want to stick around. Rather, it’s WORK, WORK, WORK for the next wave of new vehicles… Where do we get time to enjoy the fruits of our labor? Where do we get time to enjoy our spaded vehicles that we worked for?..

There’s so many nations and vehicle trees now, that an end is nowhere is sight. No game should take longer than one year of dedicated gameplay to COMPLETE the end goals. This means being able to unlock everything! Not just one nation, or vehicle tree…

The RP and SL needs a serious rework, to allow players to progress at a realistic pace. To be able to enjoy all aspects of the game, and not be condemned to one tiny portion of it due to a horrible game economy.

No legit game should focus on keeping players around with tedious grinds. Keeping players around due to fun gameplay should be the ultimate goal. Forcing us on a perpetual, never-ending grind means we never get to go back and enjoy the previous vehicles we unlocked.

Now I do understand that the game needs to make money. We players must realize that no good game is going to be free. And with that, I believe that early tiers (up to tiers III or IV) should make progression at a normal rate achievable for free-to-play players. Like a trial period for beginners. But for business sake, tiers V and up should require more grind unless the player has a premium account or vehicle. Paying players should be rewarded accordingly.

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