Economy is fine, but what about vehicle balance?

This thread isn’t political or controversial,
Just to bring up awareness to something that not everybody
Pay attention to or even ignore,

So basically
It’s about balance between nations
As we all heard and know of
It’s the russian top tier tech tree
Which became a bit of a problem in this game,
So basically
I got 3 nations fully completed to actually test it out,
And i must say… Idk for which reason but when i played
Us and Germany they were unplayable for most part,
While i played ussr i felt like a god tier eSports champ
Suddenly getting them insane streaks,nukes, and everything that is impossible on every other nation

Now im not a good player AT ALL
But when i noticed how significantly playing USSR increased skills
I’ve started to notice how unbalanced and unfair the game is

First, the amount of armor glitches T series tanks has are unimaginable
Like hitting a full ammo rack and it doesn’t detonates?
Or driver’s hatch magically stop a apfsds
Not even going to talk about the unbreakable barrels
And side era plates that block 600mm+ penetration apfsds (they shouldn’t)
It’s not even about me
When i played on a t80bvm and t80U
It literally took 4 tanks to take me down
People really find it hard to destroy one russian tank
Something is really off in this system
Especially when russian win rate climbs to almost 80%

Secondly, the comically large tech tree
With almost 5 top tier mbt’s
With additional 2 spaa’s
Anti tank missile carrier
And 3 overpowered light tanks
Which basically grants you an unlimited

Now if you compare it to Germany or usa
That would be sad
When germany got only 2 mbt’s
1 spaa
1 comically decent light tank
And a joke anti tank vehicle still using a tow

US mbt’s amount is fine
But a decent m1128 with a joke gun depression,
Adats that kinda serves both as anti tank and spaa, and hstvl kinda save it

This is NOT a post against russian tech tree
Or bringing a political opinion
Im neutral to any political subject,
Im glad USSR tech tree exists in the game and they’re interesting and good vehicles both ingame and irl
Just as other nations vehicles are,
And i myself play this tech tree alot,
BUT there’s stuff that need to be changed for general fair play
Specifically in the russian tech tree

Gaijin really thanks for the economy but please fix
that balance

                Your opinions:

The weak points of the Russian tanks are much smaller than those of other nations alone. The Swedes can still keep up, with only others the weak points are 3 times larger. Gaijin should consider giving all other nations puffs e.g. Leo 2A6, abrams, challenger, hull armor, leclerc. That would be fair and would restore balance in the 11.7 BR. I have a winrate of almost 70% with the Russians and 58% with just another nation, that says a lot.

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the biggest problem for nato nations is gaijin is really holding the modern light tank flood gate closed and for most of the minor nations those vehicles would take up a massive amount of there tech trees. to be fair Russia doesn’t have the same capabilities but it doesn’t seem right to balance it around Russia not having them would you rather most nations be strong and one nations weak or most nations weak or one way above gaijin seems to have chosen the latter

I was trying to sing this. Why is it written like song lyrics?

Weak spots in general could not be balanced in game as they based on real life i suppose
That’s not the point tho,

The amount of bugs ussr tanks weak spots have are comical
As i mentioned earlier
The driver’s hatch periscopes can’t block a whole apfsds
But still happens
Haven’t fixed for years now,
Side era kits cant block 600+mm apfsds
Still happens,

On the turret there’s often gaps between the era blocks to the gun breach
When you hit in between it often disables the machine gun only lol.

Now i dont want it sound like a complaint to much,
But if tusk for the SEP
For example managed to that
It would’ve been nerfed within hours
Considering the giant gap weak spot it has


The issue typically is that Russian tanks have a much lower skill floor than those of other nations, and due to Gaijin’s SeKrIt DoKiMiNtS mistakes made in russian vehicles are typically punished far less than an equivalent one in any other nation’s vehicles.

I don’t genuinely think that Russian vehicles are objectively better as a whole (In fact I think the skill ceiling of Russian tanks are the lowest of all the major nations) but the game is designed in a way that favours them and Gaijin has typically interpreted everything about them far more generously than they do for others.

Might be the case although its pretty sad tho
It’s kinda leaves other nations vulnerable,
Lower protections lower air defence,

Like alright lets say gaijin worries about money,
Doesn’t adding more stuff to other nations
Increases their budget from a wider range of players,
Cus adding 6 T80’s
And generally having 8 mbts
Kinda start being meaningless,

Honestly those “interesting updates” started to be Boring
Feels like the political wind of the war kinda effected Gaijin at some point Which is sad
As they praising only the USSR tech tree,

I wont even talk about the fact they have no top tier premiums above 10.0 br which saves them from lvl 20 premium players

While US flooded with m1a1aim’s
And germany is flooded with leo 2a4’s
Which isn’t even helpful in above 11.7 br

That’s just a solid evidence that ussr tech tree meant to be dominant tech tree in this game,
And there’s no balance at all in this game
As long as that’s the only nation they care of